Vanity Branding For Attorneys is the Key to Competitive Edge

Delray Beach, FL (PressExposure) March 01, 2009 -- Law Firms nationwide are starting to change their advertising strategy. If you watch television you will notice that the firms who advertise on your favorite channel want to get the most for their money by making you remember their commercial. The biggest key to a memorable brand is a vanity number. Something that you can retain longer than it takes for the next commercial to be over with. Vanity numbers are not easy to obtain and expensive to own, but many firms nationwide are sharing in the use of vanity numbers. For those of you who wonder why any company would share their vanity brand with a competitor, take a minute to think about who your competitor really is? In the Law Business, most firms only deal directly with clients in their local area. An atttorney fighting DUI cases in Dallas TX, is not concerned with the sucess or failure of a DUI firm in Phoenix AZ, so both of them having the same vanity number is not a confilct of interest.

A New Jersey based firm has taken this approach with their vanity brand 1-877-VIOLATION. The Stabile Law Firm of Woodbridge New Jersey has owned this number and the website for over 15 years. The owner of the firm, Steve Stabile feels that the use of this vanity has been a key to their sucess. "We get so much repeat business because people remember this number, they never remember me, or the name of my firm, but they remember that number!" Stabile says with a laugh. Earlier this year, Stabile and his team made the use of the vanity number avaliable nationwide. Their routing system allows them to route calls made from a specific area code right to the office of an attorney in that area code. No middle man, no need to purchase leads.

Attorneys who have already leased the rights to the number in their local areas are pleased, as they should be. A chicago tribune survey shows that vanity numbers can increase the response on advertising by 25% and that Americans who hear a vanity number are 6-10 times more likley to remember the vanity number over a numberic number. After a quick survey of fortune 500 companies, we noticed that a majority of them use some type of vanity number to help customers remember how to reach them.

For law firms who look to make their advertising dollars go further, or well established firms that want to increase customer retention, you may want to look into leasing a vanity number in your area. 1-877-VIOLATION starts their montly fees at only $99.00 per month. A very affordable rate that will give you a competitive edge.

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For law firms who look to make their advertising dollars go further, or well established firms that want to increase customer retention

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