Vayu Media is Focusing On Local and Regional Search Engine Optimization

Atlanta, Georgia (PressExposure) September 16, 2009 -- Pandia would like to welcome our new sponsor, Vayu Media an Atlanta based search engine optimization company.

Combining organic and sponsored results

More and more companies go to search engine marketing companies to get help both with organic search engine rankings (the regular search results you get in Google, Yahoo! and Bing) and pay per click sponsored listings.

The possibility of targeting particular search phrases to get to the searchers that are interested in precisely your product or service is very attractive, as is the possibility of tracking their journey from clicking on the search engine result to completing their order.

Local Search

We asked Jennifer Dunphy, VP of Sales at Vayu Media, what makes them different from all the other search engine optimization (SEO) companies out there.

"We have realized that local businesses that operate in a limited geographical area have been underserved and need specially tailored solutions to stand out online," she says.

"We are purely focused on providing local and regional merchant solutions. Our local search engine analysts find your niche on the search engines and focuses on getting you to the top placement. Our web design studio delivers website solutions that help your business grow and provide the brand identity your business deserves."

"Our goal is to not just get you traffic," she continues, "but to make sure that traffic is targeted so you can achieve outstanding results. We also help you monitor the SEO and paid inclusion campaigns, which is very time consuming for non-experts."

Local and regional SEO

"What do you mean by local search?"

"The regular big search engines are currently adapting their search engine algorithms to where you are geographically. We in Atlanta, the USA, will get different search results from you in Norway. We help companies take advantage of this, helping them find their local customers."

"There are also search engines and online yellow pages that specialize in local search," she continues. "We may also help our customers explore that option."

How to succeed in regional SEO

"Could you give our searchers a free tip on how to succeed in local search?"

"Ah, you want me to give away my trade secrets now, what?" she laughs.

"OK, here's an obvious one: If you have branches in several cities, make sure that you have separate web pages for each of them. Make sure you include much used keyword phrases for the goods or services you are providing, as well as the geographical location in the main headline and the title field. So 'Buzz Electricians, Washington D.C' is much better than 'Buzz, the best in the world'."

Ethical SEO Services

Vayu not only helps you with your search engine marketing campaign. It also helps you design a web site that takes the needs of search engine into consideration.

"You use the slogan 'Ethical SEO'. What is that supposed to mean?" we asked her.

"There are search engine marketing companies that try to bend the rules," she says.

"They use techniques that might help you get a good ranking at first, but that the search engines frown upon, and that may ultimately get you punished by them. You do not want that kind of attention from Google, believe me! They can make your pages drop down to page 30 of search results or disappear all together. We follow the webmaster guidelines of companies like Google. They are looking for good content. We help our customers give them exactly that."

About Vayu Media

Vayu Media is the premier company for local internet advertising using search engine marketing and local search engine optimization. Vayu Media is taking advantage of the consumer shift from traditional media to internet based marketing. The company’s focus is local online business marketing and web design services. The company’s strategy to get out into the market place and consult with local businesses face to face has allowed it to make local business owners aware of the opportunity that exists online. In order to stay relevant in today’s market every local business must have an online marketing strategy and Vayu Media can help.
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Jennifer Dunphy, Vayu Media LLC, (404)-547-0949,, jdunphy (at) vayumedia dot com

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