Vertabase Project Management Software: Intuitive and Easy to Use

Southfield, MI (PressExposure) April 06, 2011 -- The Vertabase project management software is no ordinary project management software. It is not only easy to use but also intuitive. As a web-based enterprise software, which is easy to install and boasts great functionality, it is designed in such a way that even a layman could use it. One can gain full and complete information of and control over different activities spread across multiple projects.

How will Vertabase software benefit you?

The answer to this question is simple yet complex. There are a lot of small yet important steps necessary in a project management program that help to make the entire event of handling a project, a success. The project management software from Vertabase does the following and much more.

• Project Management and Time Tracking
• Project and Task Management and Reports
• Document storage and collaboration
• Budget management and control
• Issue tracking and management
• Resource Allocation and User Management
• Advanced Project Management Features

The above-mentioned features can be subdivided into a myriad of features that are very important for the successful completion of a project on time. Features like tracking of time used for the completion of each task, resource allocation, project management reports, etc. make the software extremely easy to use and user-friendly. The software also allows collaboration between members associated with the project working at remote locations too. In all, we can say that this ambitious project management software is something that is the culmination of desires of a lot of project management experts. We hope to reorganize the project management process and thus fulfill the expectations of a lot of project management professionals.

As a project manager using the Vertabase project management software, creation of reports, schedules, time trackers and taking care of other issues becomes relatively easy as compared to traditional methods or compared to using other software. At the click of a button, you get all the information necessary for you to make a required decision. The software makes project management easy due to the presence of various screens which are not only interesting but also extremely user-friendly and thus, easy to understand. The screen interface can be customized to such an extent that one can remove a screen not in use for a particular project. Such is the level of usability that people using it, even for the first time, have complemented Vertabase for their project management software.

Moreover, there is a certain level of security and control available in the project management software. There are certain off-bounds areas for certain members associated with the projects. You, as the administrator, can set those access limits, ensuring that certain types of information are kept only to the project manager. In such a scenario, file modification rights can be restricted and made not available to everyone in the team. In this way, even clients can view the progress of a project, but not the internal happenings of the team handling it.

Will Vertabase software work for everyone?

This is a very obvious question in the minds of people curious to know more about the project management software launched by Vertabase. In a world, where there are many false promises made, this project management software actually delivers what it promises. You can customize it according to your company's usage styles and documentation methods.

One of the very important benefits that this software will provide you with is its flexible nature. The software, being internet-based, can be accessed from anywhere in this world. This means you do not have to the software installed on your laptop or carry the entire bulk of the databases and related information on your laptop.

Another major advantage of the project management software is the fact that it is also compatible with a variety of other programs, irrespective of their platforms or manufacturers. This software can easily interact with a number of other programs without problems. For example, the Vertabase software can communicate with Microsoft Outlook, Google based programs, Microsoft Project or even Microsoft Excel worksheets in order to extract data. Even in terms of budgeting and expenses, one can transfer the details to accounting packages easily and quickly, no matter which accounting package is being used.

Every update or change is immediately circulated via an automatic email notification. Even users' comments can be circulated at the click of a button amongst designated persons. The issue tracker feature lets you group together all the issues as well as their proposed solution in one, well-located and easy to retrieve knowledge base.

Another advantage of the software is that a large amount of training materials in terms of videos or articles or even live support is available on the website of Vertabase for accessing any help. For more knowledge on how to use the project management software, you can visit the site The website even provides users an opportunity to interact with the experts through a channel of live technical support center. This support center has professionals who know every feature and its associated functions of the project management software. This support is available on a monthly subscription basis.

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