Vibrating Exercise Machine - Know How It Works, How To Buy and How To Use

Chorleywood, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 06, 2010 -- We might think the vibrating technology as one the recent innovations of our people. But the concept of vibrating exercise machine was not under wraps with our ancient Greeks. Greeks used it to fasten the healing process for injuries. This was a concept that Vladimir Nazarov, a Russian scientist used. The process was refered as "biochemical stimulation" by him. It is a technology that has paced so fast.

To have an evidence on the effectiveness in bringing health and well-being, it can be seen from the increasing number of athletes and celebrities who are using this machine.

When vibrating exercise machine is becoming part of our having a healthy lifestyle, it is for better to how how it should be bought and used. But before it

How It Works?

The machine consists of a platform. This could be a standing or sitting one that vibrates as you exercise. It purportedly helps to burn additional calories. This leads to the increase of muscle tone.

Whenever we are working on the machine, our muscles naturally react to the vibrations. The reaction is to tense up a little bit to slightly to stabilize the body. Following are the types of vibrating equipment and the vibrations you experience with them:-

Oscillating-One can have natural type of vibration(side-by-side) Tri-planer- To have vertical and horizontal vibrations,it is the best choice. Here the platform remains at a particular angle. Horizontal- To have horizontal vibrations only. This is the least expensive of all.

The vibrating exercise machine has features like digital screen, a pad and a hand-held on-and-off switch.

What to know before you shop?

Know the type of vibration mechanism, the equipment utilizes for its functioning. Know the specifications of the machine. Test the equipment before you buy. Try out few exercises on the machine. This is to know whether machine can give you the balance you require. Listen carefully to the noise generated by the machine. Know about the life of the motor that will be supporting the machine.

And Finally How to use it?

Check the machine for every contraindications. Adjust the timings as per your wish along with amplitude(depth of the plate) and frequency(number of vibrations per second). Know your figure position on the machine. Have the right alignment for yourself. Work on your upper, core and lower body parts. You can also do for other body-parts by adjusting the straps.

Always follow the recommended usage as you can have the complain of a low back pain, blurred vision and cartilage damage.

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