Victims recover from the Biggest Fraud of the century!

Cambridge, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 17, 2008 -- Just as we recover from the first shock we hear of another large blue chip investor being hit by the US trader Bernard Madoff! The list of victims is growing rapidly! Banks such as Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland or France BNP Paribas and private investors all were allegedly affected and report massive losses in cash.

Was I hit also? What should I do?....You may wonder.

'When you act irrationally, you stand to lose big time!' claims Alphamusic composer John Levine. 'When you hear that your bank was a victim, what's your first gut reaction? PANIC! FEAR! Your brainwaves go into the Beta stressed fight or flight state...your stomach churns, your heart rate increases, you can't sleep, you sweat, your mind is swirling with thoughts of personal disaster, you can't think straight......the first thing that comes to mind is 'Quick! Take my savings out!' 'Just think what would happen if everyone panicked?' John continues; 'now in this great crisis we all need to stay calm and think carefully and rationally. Being in a peaceful Alpha brainwave state is the answer!'

John Levine is an Australian composer of the sound he calls Alphamusic has concocted a special formula to create soothing melodies to help us all stay calm and happy despite us all being in the middle of financial crisis! John Levine has been interviewed on BBC TV 'Look East' and Channel 9 TV Australia showing how his special Alphamusic settles down classes of children, babies, calm down stressed people and even budgies!...'its all to do with reducing the Beta stressed brainwaves to calmer Alpha waves' John smiled. Being in alpha state means you are more peaceful, have better ideas, your mind acts rationally. When we wake up in the morning, after good night sleep, we are refreshed and have our best and most insightful ideas. This is the state we call alpha. But it's easily interrupted by listening to all the bad news we hear daily, dealing with everyday challenges gets us wired up causing our brainwaves to be pushed into the Beta stressed/fight or flight state, keep going up and we get into panic mode!

To face the problem is a nightmare for some of us, but what if we had a little help that comes from a simple thing CD? John asks 'Why not to listen to EEG proven Alphamusic CDs rather than hitting the bar, drinking trying to forget your fears, better to be in an Alpha state and solve your challenges and stay calm, happy and healthy?' Many people from numerous countries now are letting John's Alphamusic CD's do the hard work of calming one down simply, easily, effortlessly. John confesses 'When I am in extreme panic, I know I should sit down, close my eyes, breathe and do nothing, but I don't have time to do nothing! So I listen to 'Silence of Peace' whilst working and every time, without fail it calms me down into the alpha state.' Alphamusic of John Levine is used and widely praised by significant range of biomedical and complementary health professionals. Patrick Holford, the world renowned nutrition expert, personally uses and endorses John Levine's Alphamusic. In 2007, Levine's Alphamusic was heard by the Royals at the Diana Concert at Wembley Stadium and calmed crowds at Hyde Park Calling and Live Earth concerts!

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