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Columbus, Ohio (PressExposure) July 16, 2007 -- If you're one of the 700 million email users sending over 30 billion emails every day, you can point, click and send vibrant video emails to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. Talk Fusion combines the power of television with the ease of email, allowing you to be in two places at once, share special moments and even build greater brand loyalty among customers. All without annoying downloads, pop-up windows, software to install or attachments to open. And with our proprietary technology, you can add razzle-dazzle to any message in less than two minutes.

The idea for Talk Fusion began in the early morning hours in November 2004, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion's CEO, was in North Carolina visiting family. He was about to become CEO of Talk Fusion but he did not know it. At that moment, all he knew was that his wheels were turning with the endless possibilities.

It all started with a 10 second video of a dazzling mountain home he wanted to email to friends. But the video file was too big; America On Line said it was not possible. But Bob knew otherwise. He called his IT genius, Dr. Jonathan Chen, who said it was possible. Inspiration was taking shape.

How many people would love to send crystal-clear video emails to their friends and family? No more missing a baby's first steps, cherished vacation memories or a best pals wedding. How many businesses around the world would like to communicate better with their customers? Wow! The wheels were really beginning to turn. Goosebumps were all over and not from cold weather.

It was like somebody turned on the light. He searched the Internet, high and low, looking for someone else doing this. Bob had a "why hasn't anyone done this before?" moment, and because he knew network marketing inside and out, he had the best vehicle to get the product to a global marketplace.

In his many years in the industry, Bob had seen it all. Every product had the best of intentions but most fell short. Bob racked his brain for something better. He found it.

Entirely original, video email is an untapped global goldmine. At Talk Fusion, superb is the only option. Bob believes in going on vacation; just not while inspiration is flowing.

The opportunities are endless with Talk Fusion. If you are looking to promote a hot product with inpecible backing, you have to look no further. Join my Talk Fusion Team today!

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