Video Game Website Leverages E3 2011 to Help Kids Charities

Warren, RI (PressExposure) June 03, 2011 -- It's been a great year so far for the video game industry and albeit the setbacks in regards to the extremely drastic problems in Japan, along with Sony's PSN theft issues, overall the video games in the pipe-line for later this year as well as the releases the first 2 quarters of 2011, most video game enthusiasts have been abided by their game playing entertainment requirements.

Among the news of largely anticipated titles like Diablo III and the new release of titles like Hunted the Demon's Forge, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, or L.A. Noire from Rockstar several sites have helped gamers by providing their own versions of game playthroughs and walkthrough videos for those gamers in need of assistance. What most people are unaware of is a smaller and lesser known game help website known as GameGuideDog (well maybe it's not that unknown), which has been providing video game help and guides to gamers with an edge unmatched by other sites since 2001. By providing an exclusive membership (which requires a small fee), this site's staff will directly contact publishers and game manufacturers on behalf of any gamer and all their members seeking further answers especially when no help exists at all, while at the same time creating and improving game walkthroughs and strategy guides for all titles including games that are deemed unsupported.

Recently including a full Hunted The Demon's Forge walkthrough video guide, as well as support for basically any game to hit the streets, GameGuideDog has been listed with major game news networks such as N4G, GameKicker, and National to name a few, and continues to raise the bar where video game help is concerned. A worthwhile resource for video game news as well, their authors pick and style the news feed based on most important topics to anything game related on a daily basis and bring to light the most important subjects in a straightforward easy reading fashion making the skimming of general updates much easier to find in one place, along with full unbiased game reviews from authors that think like you do, adhering to honesty and have no qualms stating what's most important. Case in point, earlier this year Atari contacted GameGuideDog's CEO in regards to a somewhat negative but honest writeup of one of their releases, however the contact was not to complain or request an appeal to the review, but to commend their writers on such accurate and sincere information where video game summaries and playability are concerned.

The most important reason for this report is in regards to GameGuideDog's association at E3 this year. Users that implement the Gamer Solvers Portal of GameGuideDog are also contributing to some extremely helpful children's' charities which are majorly supported by the site. Namely charities like,, and Support for those charities are both monetary and promotional as provided by the site. The press coverage expected to be received from GameGuideDog at E3 2011 will be at the same level of quality that gamers have come to expect from the high valued website and will include in depth coverage as well as photos, videos, and interviews with as many game publishers and developers as there are games being presented. So what makes reading the review/preview news from GameGuideDog so special? All clicks, visits, retweets, Facebook likes, and sharing of the content on other gamers blogs contribute to the overall promotion and support of the children's' charities mentioned above ultimately helping an underprivileged youth and assisting in domestic violence situations on a regional scale.

If you have yet to visit or interact with this site, and you consider yourself a real game enthusiast, you might consider giving it a peek. Last mentioned during an interview with one of their staff, it was hinted that they will be opening up registrations for gamers to write some of their own posts, allowing them their own opinionated entries, so drop by, read up on what they are saying, and see if you'd like to join in the conversation with your own column advancing the fame of your own blog or game induced fanaticisms. Providing comments on the blog will be the primary resource to having them contact you to include your inspired game writing memoirs.

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