Virtual Trial Rooms to Be a Built-In Feature for Ecommerce Store

Tirupur, India (PressExposure) September 04, 2012 -- USA 03.09.2012: Everywhere E-commerce is the talk; it is today adopted and also considered as the Next Frontier of Global technological development. While almost all conventional sellers started their e-store to beat competition online, the buyers too, of course, think it as the easiest way to shop. Compared to 2011, worldwide 50% of new online customers have been attracted by E-commerce this year. Reports show that China ranks top with $23 billion online market revenue and 513 million Internet users, among 30 developing online markets taking in USA, Russia, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil and so on.

Almost, all types of Businesses turned online and started to acquire Global market. What's next? Ecommerce is never considered to be the end of Technological Growth in Online retail market. Many research projects are on process to provide the customers with the best E-shopping experience. This is evident with the Virtual Trial Rooms, a technical advancement yet under construction.

To explain in detail, on an online Dress Boutique, this elite facility works with web-cam application by capturing the image of the customer, and displays the customer's reflection virtually dressed with the costume he/she selects. This feature will revolutionize online shopping habits of the customers. Many lifestyles E-store have begun implementing Virtual trial room., have put the first step to introduce virtual tryouts to customers christened as Zovi's eye. Following Zovi, all leading E-store are on the talk to employ this exclusive feature.

As high volume E-commerce is carried out each year, measures have been taken to prevent fraudulent scams and provide reliable infrastructure with fast delivery rates. Besides, there are two most nearing technologies to be included in online Socio-Commerce are

Virtual Currencies

In popular social network like Facebook, buying credits is a fantasy, especially in Facebook Games. In U.S alone, the revenue reached $1.6 billion in just playing games with credits on Facebook. This Credit officially named Virtual Currency can be utilized and soon can be applied by Brands for all types of Goods on the mainstream. These innovative shopping credits are sure to be noteworthy on the customer's standpoint.

Retail based Social Networks

Today the social networks promote discussions on ample range of topics, but the need for a solitary social network for E-store discussion still prevails. In near future, this social networking site will be favorable to converse about the products catered, usability, traffic, reviews and ideas. People around the globe can collide and share their experience about online shopping and may even get acquainted with constructive benefits of the unpopular E-stores too. This retail based social network with multimedia features is assumed to acquire a good traffic of users enhancing their experience.

There is still lot more unimaginable surprises waiting to come over the way that completely changes the way of shopping.

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