Virtual Workers Help Companies Save Money and Help Employees Achieve Full-Time Income

Ouray, CO (PressExposure) July 31, 2009 -- In late July, the Families and Work Institute reported that about 81% of employers are maintaining workplace flexibility options, such as telecommuting, while another 13% of employers are actually increasing such options in the workplace to stave off layoffs as the economy recovers. According to the Telework Coalition, about half of the nation’s workforce telecommutes at least part-time, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the rate of self-employed workers have climbed from 6.2% in January to 6.6% in June.

Could it be that telecommuting and virtual work will be a key ingredient in helping the economy recover from the recession? Gayle Buske, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Team Double-Click®, believes so.

Team Double-Click®’s sister company, VirtualAssistingUSA, was designed to help workers find telecommuting jobs and to help companies weather the economic recession by hiring affordable virtual workers. Buske’s years of experience in the industry has shown that self-employment and virtual work mean good business. “Over the years, I’ve seen virtual assistants make more money virtually than they made in the so-called ‘real’ workplace and I have seen some companies save thousands of dollars by relying on a virtual worker. Virtual assistants make a lot of sense, especially in today’s economy.”

According to Buske and other industry experts, there are many reasons why virtual workers – who are self-employed and work online using computers – help both the workforce and the economy. For employees, virtual work provides a viable alternative, especially at a time when full-time work is not readily available. Self-employed virtual workers can take on unlimited numbers of clients and make a good full-time income from home. As Buske notes, there are also side economic benefits for virtual workers: “Virtual assistants don’t need to pay money to commute and don’t need to spend a lot of money on work wardrobes.” Virtual work is also a good option for employees who traditionally have a hard time finding work. Stay at home parents and employees with disabilities often thrive with virtual work.

For businesses, Buske notes, virtual assistants and employees mean good economic news, too. “Virtual employees can cost a fraction of full-time workers. Employers only pay for work completed, not for hours spent around a water cooler or weeks of low productivity,” she says. Virtual workers can be hired for a single project or to help with a busy time, and employers are not responsible for sick time, health coverage, or other benefits. In fact, employers do not even have to pay for office equipment or chairs for these workers. This “pay strictly for work done” approach can “save companies significantly” Buske points out, and such savings can mean the difference between a company’s success and failure in a tough economy.

VirtualAssistingUSA aims to make virtual work even more attractive to companies and employees alike. VirtualAssistingUSA helps companies find pre-screened virtual assistants and charges no staffing agency fees. Companies enjoy the benefits of having an assistant without having to pay extra fees and costs associated with an in-house assistant or with a recruitment agency. According to research compiled by VirtualAssistingUSA, working with VirtualAssistingUSA can save companies as much as 50% when compared with staffing agency costs. The savings over in-house assistants are even more impressive.

For employees, VirtualAssistingUSA offers training, marketing help, and access to a good client base. Using VirtualAssistingUSA, employees and virtual assistants can build their own virtual business with the backing of a recognized company.

VirtualAssistingUSA has already garnered positive media attention as well as praise from virtual assistants and companies alike. Recently, the company became a contestant in the StartUp Nation "Homebased 100 Competition," placing VirtualAssistingUSA in the running to become one of the top 100 home based businesses in the country [].

About Team Double-Click®. Team Double-Click® offers a variety of virtual assistant services including general administrative, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and real estate transaction coordination. They do the screening, managing, and payment processing. They don't just tell you where you can find a virtual assistant, they assess your needs and match you with one of their highly-skilled and Team Double-Click® trained virtual assistants. Then they monitor and nurture that relationship so the client gets the most out of hiring virtually.

The company has an unwavering commitment to its clients' and contractors' success. Team Double-Click® combines unparalleled staffing expertise with a dedication to improve their clients' business processes and profits.

Now, you can work with the nation’s largest virtual staffing firm, and the only virtual staffing firm to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. With over eight years of success in virtual staffing, Team Double-Click® is confident that it can match its client with a professional who has the skills and personality to help them manage their business. Best of all, the company’s virtual assistants own their own businesses and take personal responsibility in helping the client take their business to the next level.

For more information on how a virtual assistant can help your business save time and money, visit or call 888.827.9129.

Tapping Team Double-Click®'s know-how and databases, VirtualAssistingUSA's mission is to: • Provide clients with a low-risk DIY solution to hiring virtually; and • Allow small businesses access to our vast database of virtual assistants; and • Restrict the company's services to the United States and Canada to reduce overseas competition for virtual assistants and so that clients know they are receiving North American quality; and • Give clients the opportunity to select their own virtual assistant based on their own needs; and • Cut out ongoing agency fees to make virtual hiring more affordable for small businesses; and • Offer affordable training to virtual assistants; and • Give virtual assistants the backing of a larger company to help them get their virtual assistant businesses started.

VirtualAssistingUSA is a privately held corporation and is headquartered in Ouray, Colorado. The company is 100% virtual. All core staff, virtual assistants, and even executive staff work from their own home-based offices.

For more information on how a virtual assistant can help your business save time and money, visit or call 1-888-4VA-USA1.

About VirtualAssistingUSA

VirtualAssistingUSA, a sister company of Team Double-Click®, was born of poor economic times. Team Double-Click®'s officers saw small businesses struggling to afford agency fee-based virtual assistants and even more so, saw them struggling to hire in-office assistance. Combine this with the difficulty and cumbersomeness of locating independent virtual assistants on the internet from amongst millions, they conceived the idea of VirtualAssistingUSA.

VirtualAssistingUSA combines Team Double-Click®'s ability to attract quality virtual assistants with small businesses' need to locate less expensive staffing options. VirtualAssistingUSA then offers reasonably priced training to its virtual assistants so clients still receive the best-of-both-worlds benefits. powered by Team Double-Click®
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