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Fort Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) March 09, 2009 -- Visitors to VMworld Europe 2009 were among the first to know how new versions of SANsymphony â„¢ and SANmelody â„¢ solutions storage virtualization DataCore, materialize improvements in performance for SAN, storage radically simple, high availability and optimal use of disk for customers of VMware Virtual Infrastructure. The new line of solutions VMware Ready Certified â„¢ was shown at Cannes, France, the largest European virtualization. For more information, visit New Blog: Storage Virtualization:

"Mega Cache" x64 improves network performance SAN

Leading the list of new features of SANmelody 3.0 and SANsymphony 7.0 is support for large cache of 64 bits. "In the consolidated data storage, large scale, cache is king," said James Price, vice president of channel and product marketing for DataCore Software. "DataCore's solutions now support up to 1 terabyte (TB) cache per node. This leaves out any product on the market and scale linearly to any node that you add to the structure. " Now you can have several sets of virtual machines on network SAN cache with an unprecedented performance. Behind the cache, VMware customers can increase their pool of storage from a few gigabytes to multiple petabytes.

Radically Simple Storage, High Availability and Continuous

Needless to say that the storage pools of such enormity are constantly changing. With this in mind, the new product enhancements are fully integrated solutions radically simple and high availability for VMware DataCore. DataCore only allows maintenance, improvement, expansion and weaknesses through different portions of the storage infrastructure without disrupting the operation of applications. "VMware's customers require the removal of the many storage-related disruptions that arise when large migrations of virtual machines, load balancing and failover. Solutions like those offered by DataCore are dealing with these interruptions and are critical to these tasks are practical, "said George Crump, Storage Switzerland analyst officer.

Total Uses: Claiming Space for Storage with Dynamic Provisioning [Thin Provisioning]

SANmelody as SANsymphony both offer the option of dynamically provisioning virtual disks instead of physical ability to stop when creating the LUNs for the first time. This is preferred in particular virtual machines that generally consume only a small fraction of the total amount allocated to them. With new launches, the space supplied dynamically, once occupied, will be called automatically in the background (background) after the applications or file systems rioja cancel. Thus, the net returns SAN capacity that could have been temporarily necessary and thus further optimize the utilization of the resource.

Controllers Universal Storage Servers Based on Windows 2008

When configuring the software on Windows servers x86/x64 DataCore, they become universal storage controllers. ESX servers and virtual machines (VMs) that need to connect to storage controllers via DataCore iSCSI or Fiber Channel. All popular operating systems including Windows Server 2003, 2008, Unix, Linux, NetWare and MacOS can take advantage of the virtualization of storage to the network that offers DataCore SAN. In smaller configurations, the controller is housed in a DataCore virtual machine as a virtual appliance along with Virtual Machine applications. The network is completely virtual SAN without the need for external storage. Configurations larger physical servers dedicated to this role of storage virtualization and typically include both internal drives and external matrices. The new launches SANmelody 3.0 and SANsymphony 7.0 has been restructured to exploit the power and scalability of virtual and physical platforms Windows Server 2008 x64 as a universal storage controllers.

New Media Migration hypervisor and tighter integration to the VMware Virtual Center

The product "Transporter" by DataCore, saving time, a new option on SANmelody 3.0 and SANsymphony 7.0. Transporter migrates disk images and workloads between different operating systems, storage subsystems and Hypervisors eliminating lengthy backups and restorations due to complicated format conversions. Furthermore, it offers the option of a free plug-in for the Client to VMware Virtual Infrastructure, which allows administrators to provisioning, share, clone, replicate and expand virtual disks seamlessly between physical servers and virtual machines.

All packages will be updated VMware for DataCore SANmelody 3.0 to 7.0 and SANsymphony

DataCore has a set of ten packages for Business Continuity or BC (Business Continuity) and disaster recovery, or DR (Disaster Recovery), based on SANmelody available for VMware environments, ranging from Virtualization Bundles SAN Starter BC / DR features grouped and a Bundle Virtualization SAN BC / DR 32 Terabyte Grouped Features Bundles SANsymphony to virtually unlimited capacity.

The most important features include:

+ Virtual Shared Disk, Highly Available + Dynamic Provisioning Snapshots + online + Disaster Recovery (DR) + High-Speed Cache

For more details about the packages of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, please visit: / SMBpackages.

DataCore provides higher availability, faster performance and more complete utilization of their storage assets, making it an essential element of VMware configurations.

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Software solutions for storage virtualization and clustered blocks duplicated discs available through devices regardless of brand or model differences. In the process, accelerate the response I / O and cache performance using an extensive network throughout the SAN.

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