Vision Quest: Hundreds Of People Now Spend 4 Days Alone In Nature

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) March 03, 2012 -- According to the following website there are now thousands of people each year that are again taking the ancient rite of passage called a vision quest to regain their connection with the natural world.

Apparently for thousands of years people in indigenous cultures would spend 4 days immersed within nature by themselves in order to gain fresh spiritual insights into what they are to do on the planet and what they were to give to the tribe. This ancient rite of passage was known in native american indian culture as the 'Vision Quest'.

Now it appears that there is a fresh groundswell of people who are reigniting the ancient tradition and again taking to the forests around the world in order to have a spiritually deepening experience within nature.

The participants are often looking to connect deeper with not only nature but also with themselves and their own deep spiritual truths and gifts.

According to the website it is now possible to take 3-4 days alone by yourself in nature and again return to the essence of who you truly are at the core of your being. This is often achieved through the vision quest process.

Although the ancient traditions have mainly been lost due to the expansion of modern civilization, there are sill a number of elders who remember the old ways. These old ways have been passed down and the wisdom of the vision quest process is now translated into books and audio courses.

However the message about the vision quest process is also now being spread throughout the planet via the internet on sites such as this. That is probably why there is a new groundswell and renewed interest in the vision quest process.

Not only do participants get to experience what it is like to be alone by themselves for a number of days whilst being immersed within nature, they are also able to fully tap into what it is like to be at their core. In modern civilization where the focus is often on financial gain, there is no wonder why the vision quest process is gaining popularity in this new era of spiritual exploration.

To find out more about the vision quest process you can visit the following website

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To find out more about the vision quest process you can visit the following website

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