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New York, New York (PressExposure) January 15, 2012 -- The popular sales solutions company, e-Sales Management, led by Steve Young, has announced the expansion of their service. As of January, Vito Pandolfo will head the company's Operations services, which will provide businesses with a resource for insight into how to increase productivity among employees, which translates into increased profitability for the business. The services offered to businesses are based on Vito's new book, Why is My Coworker So Crazy.

A Message from Vito Pandolfo

I want to establish that in my opinion, there is a WRONG way to go about examining yourself as a leader. It is, most simply, to attempt to assess the greatest qualities of leaders you have known or read about, or admired, and then look to emulate those qualities. This approach will lead you down a tunnel that bears absolutely no light at the end, because it is fraught with traps and illusions that misdirect you. This idea has stemmed from how "psychologized" our society has become regarding this topic. I also attempts to distill leadership down to a list of boxes you can check off. You can't put 'Leadership' into a microwave oven or add water to it like instant coffee. It needs to be developed, exercised like a muscle.

I can illustrate this with a number of points that need to be considered:

• Ghandi and Eisenhower were both great leaders, and had tremendous influence on global events. However, their styles, applications and methods were dramatically different due to the conditions in which they were each leading. Who would you emulate? The conditions surrounding your leadership need to be examined, else you are leading based on your own false perceptions.

• Your personality has a natural expression to it. To try to emulate another might leave you somewhat disarmed, and therefore you could sound strange to others. The intended effect would be very different than the actual (I have seen this). This would be very difficult to get articulated during the process, you will just end up with a mixed result.

• Your leadership is going to be measured by how many times others mobilize as a result of your words, by their own enthusiasm and volition. This will be directly dependent on how they are feeling when you finish interacting with them. if you come across as acting in any way that leaves them feeling strange rather than interested in taking action, you are not acting like a leader.

• In order to understand how to get others to mobilize, you need to have a keen understanding as to how you come across. This is a difficult bridge to cross, because in order to know this you must be willing to face the fact that your intentions and your behaviors may very well be disjointed. No one wants to face that, not even me. But you are forced to, if you want to examine your ability to lead.

• As an owner, people will do what you say because you are the boss. Even if they do not like it or agree with you, they will do it, because of their own survival instinct. However, because they may be doing it in a begrudging way, they may do it terribly, resist it, or even be unclear what they are supposed to accomplish but e afraid to tell you. So, your result will be less than desired (and in fact for most people I work with, it is: I would say, over 80%).

Knowing that all these elements come together, let's start with a most basic, but overlooked set of questions for you to consider:

1. Are you perceived by the people you are trying to mobilize as the person designated to do that?

2. Are you perceived as a person to be respected, or is there something about you that others perceive that undermines your identity?

3. Are you clear how you would like to portray yourself?

4. Are perceived as a person who 'walks the talk' by your employees?

5. Are you clear about how the persons you are influencing will be able to know when they have mobilized effectively?

So, to start, you need to answer these 5 questions for yourself. It is only the beginning, because after that we begin to get into the manner in which you conduct yourself and its effect on others...intended and unintended.

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