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Mesa, Arizona (PressExposure) October 16, 2015 -- The VocalBillity Devotionals has just become available on Amazon's Kindle. This daily devotional blog is now published directly to your Kindle for a small monthly subscription. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016ND2EAQ, or logon to the Amazon site, and search for "VocalBillity".

Sure, the reason behind many things in our lives seems pointless, useless, and sometimes rather insignificant and maybe even outright accidental. But, there is a purpose for everything.

Just because we don't understand it, agree with it, or even recognize it doesn't mean it was not ordained (caused to be on purpose) and does not have a use, fit, or form.

The purpose of this site is to be the voice of one crying in the Bewilderness, which is a spin on a reference to John The Baptist of long ago. The premise is the same, however, which is to proclaim a solution to the bewilderment you may be witnessing, to the turmoil you encounter, and even better to provide guidance to the solid rock foundation for salvation of your very soul.

Boisterous? No. Simply a firsthand witness to the saving grace, the mercy, and certainly the unending love of God in our lives.

About VocalBillity
Bill Elliott is the voice, writings, and thoughts behind the VocalBillity efforts. He IS "The voice of one crying in the Bewilderness", not at all because he is bewildered about his place in the Lord, his place in this world, or even his place among you and yours. It is due to the utter bewilderment of the people that moves his soul into action and causes him to bend-a-knee in prayer for you, for yours, and certainly for himself.

He is a devoted Christian, an Ordained and Licensed minister, and most especially, a wholly committed and born-again soul. These writings, tweets, and photography snippets are many of the ways he expresses his perspectives on life, love, and certainly the hope of eternal salvation.

About VocalBillity

VocalBillity - the voice of one crying in the Bewilderness

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