WMouseXP - The Wireless Presenter Mouse/Remote Experience on your mobile.

Bangkok, Thailand (PressExposure) April 14, 2009 -- With this little software WMouseXP, you can use your phone's Joystick as your wireless mouse, use your phone's numpads as a presentation (PowerPoint/PPT) remote control and media player remote control (like a stereo remote) - all wirelessly via Bluetooth, directly from your phone. Please see full requirements and download the free trial from http://www.ClearEvo.com - no trial-expiry, just that the trial-version would disconnect from Mobile Side after every 3 minutes.

Presentation: Walk around explaining your presentation on stage (or in meeting/class rooms), click the joystick of your phone to move on to the next step/slide of your presentation. Press "2" on the numpad to go to the previous one. With WMouseXP, you have wireless control of your powerpoint presentation in your hand!

Virtual Wireless Mouse: Your mobile phone can be used as a wireless mouse: move the mouse, left click, right click - all using your phone's joystick. WMouseXP generates smooth cursor movement on PC, the cursor move speed increases as you hold the joystick down. When you have control of your mouse cursor, you have wireless control of your computer. What's better is that you don't have to use a clean surface/table like that of a real mouse. This mouse is entirely hand-held. You can use WMouseXP on your sofa, your bed, from your kitchen, virtually anywhere in the Bluetooth range - this is normally up to ten meters away!

Media Player Remote: With WMouseXP, your phone becomes the remote control of your PC-based entertainment system. Sit-back on your comfortable sofa or lay down on your bed while having full control of your Media Player from your phone - change the track, increase the volume, open your favorite movie, double click your phone's joystick to make it full-screen. Feel sleepy? Just move the cursor to your Window's "Start" button and shut-down the computer. Yes, that sounds nice. Just use WMouseXP to make all this happen. Bluetooth signals can even go through walls, so you can even change the song in your playlist or increase the volume while you're in the bathroom! (but don't get your phone wet!)

Also, the latest version of WMouseXP also includes customizable commands option for you to remap the numpad press on phone to other actions on PC which are specific to your needs - for example, assigning a key the phone numpad "4" press to generate a "b" key press on PC in order to blank your powerpoint/presenation screen when you're waiting before starting your presentation.

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