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Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) October 06, 2009 -- All or nothing thinking -- that you have to do something perfectly or not at all -- can mean disaster for your weight loss efforts. For some, the idea of either doing things to "perfection" or not at all may even keep them from losing weight altogether. Here are a few simple steps to avoid all or nothing thinking.

Step One: Get a Lifestyle (Change)!

The first way to avoid all or nothing thinking is to shake the idea that loosing weight is something you do "right" just temporarily and then the work is done. The fact is, most people who are able to loose weight successfully and more importantly, keep that weight off -- make healthy, change their lifestyle such as exercising regularly or joining a biggest losers club or look for weight loss advice from an expert, consciously finding ways to prevent emotional eating.

If you look at your weight-loss efforts as something you're only doing "for now," those new, healthy changes won't be permanent. But if you try to do too much too soon, the changes will last only days. Small and gradual changes are what will work.

Step Two: Give in your Temptations Now and Then

Severely limiting your food intake or completely cutting out your favorite foods sets you up for a binge. Don't make your life miserable by ever-present sense of deprivation; it will only make overeating a risk. Temptation becomes much less powerful when you know it is fleeting and can be quelled with less than you think. So, allow yourself a small portion of something "bad" that you really love now and again instead of telling yourself it's off-limits for good. Being part of a biggest losers club, will help you slowly diminish your cravings for food.

Step Three: Don't haunt yourself with "D Word"

D for diet, at is. Following a strict diet naturally lends itself to giving in to all or nothing thinking: You're either "on your diet" or you've "blown your diet". That kind of "black and white" thinking can make your biggest loser weight-loss advice and efforts much more difficult and may even prevent you from losing weight at all.

Its is always an appreciated and well followed biggest loser weight loss advice to find the middle ground that lies somewhere between following that overly-strict diet and eating everything you want, there is a point at which you can be both happy and healthy.

Step Four: Do Forgive Yourself

So, you decided to follow that "give in" step last night and allow yourself a cookie. But before bed you enjoyed a few more. Does that mean it's time to go off the rails the rest of the day just because you blew it this morning? No way!

Not allowing yourself to make mistakes is the worst mistake you can make. Here's some food for thought: All or nothing thinking is a way to let you off the hook. Subconsciously you think: "Oh, now I've screwed up. Glad I don't have to bother anymore!" ... for some of us, quitting something just because we didn't do it perfectly is an easy escape route.

Step 5: It is good to celebrate small victories

Acknowledging your achievements -- no matter how insignificant they seem -- with non-food rewards will help you stay motivated throughout your weight-loss journey.

You're only human ... a soon-to-be much lighter human! So better take it easy on yourself and you are in the process of learning how to be new, improved, and healthier you.

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