Watch Dog Group Warns Of Toxic Childrens Toys

Boston, MA (PressExposure) December 17, 2008 -- Traditional Toys and Wooden Toys Gain in Popularity as a Result

In a recent lawsuit filed in federal court, a coalition of citizen advocacy groups comprised of the National Recourse Defense Council and a group known as Public Citizen claimed that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is “flouting the will of congress” by continuing to allow retailers to stockpile and sell childrens toys that contain toxic chemicals.

Makers of traditional toys and wooden toys warn consumers that in spite of a highly publicized ban on childrens toys that contain toxic phthalides that is set to take effect Feb. 10, 2009, a glaring loophole has allowed shelves on stores that carry childrens toys to remain stocked with them. It turns out that consumers were unaware that this loophole in the new law allows phthalide tainted childrens toys manufactured and purchased before the Feb.10th deadline to be exempt.

On a separate yet similar note: Makers of traditional toys and wooden toys have also sounded the alarm that federal regulatory agencies have also dropped the ball on removing lead tainted childrens toys from store shelves. They point to a recently published report by the Michigan based citizens advocacy group “Ecology Center” that stated that 20% of the childrens toys that they tested contained dangerous levels of lead.

Manufacturers of wooden toys and traditional toys also warn that consumers simply can't rely on the federal government to protect them any more. In fact, many consumers are completely unaware that current government regulations allow childrens toys that contain lead to remain on store shelves indefinitely, as long as the lead content is below 600 parts per million!

Consumer watchdog groups warn that in light of the downturn in the global economy, the hopes of any government action against any manufacturers of kids toys remain dim. They also point out that the majority of toxic childrens toys originate in China, the very source of borrowed money for recent government financial bailouts.

In light of these facts and other recently published reports concerning kids toys, common sense would dictate that the only truly safe refuge for this holiday seasons kids toys shopper lies with traditional toys and wooden toys. The fact, is that it will be years before the federal government passes any real legislation with actual teeth in it, if they ever do that will truly protect children from toxic kids toys.

Once ingested, lead, which has been directly linked to learning disorders remains in a child's system for life. Also, phthalides, which are used to soften rubber toys, including pacifiers and rubber baby bottle nipples have been conclusively shown to cause cancer.

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