Watch Out For The Snake Oil Salesmen

Manchester, New Hampshire (PressExposure) April 17, 2011 -- If you are anything like me you have tried some of the latest software that they are selling on the Internet, It seems like they must be passing my name around, and saying "Hey we got another one" this guy is trying to make it on the internet they know that you are vulnerable and you are trying to get that extra boost.

Well everybody knows if you have a website and you don't have any traffic it is pretty much useless, so all these snake oil salesmen are going to tell you the same spiel, they start out telling you how they were just like you struggling to try to get their product or website noticed and they had a real crappy job, and they hated their boss.

The next thing that they are going to tell you to try to relate to you is that they were near financial ruin and just like you had tried every offer out there and none of them worked, You know they are trying to create a bond with you, how they have maxed out all their credit cards and how their family was telling them that they were wasting their time.

Here it comes, they are going to let you in on the Secret on how they did it and then they are going to tell you how great their life is now, and how this method changed everything, they will show you snap-shots of their ClickBank account and that's where you start to think, "What if this really does work" then they bring the guarantee into the picture.

Well how can you go wrong, It has a 60 day guarantee, Ok I will try it it's only $37 dollars and what if it really does work, So here you go again, at first you are a little excited, while you are thinking about how it's going to start bringing in tons of targeted traffic and your ClickBank account is going to start increasing.

Well you get the software and try it out and wait for great things to happen, you check your stat counter and you really don't see any changes, ok they said targeted traffic, so you rush to your ClickBank account and no change, don't lose faith yet, it might take a little while, Maybe I should check free rank checker and see if I have gone up in google rankings yet.

Now the sinking feeling starts to set in, Oh no not again, I fell for it again, have you ever actually tried to get a hold of any of these guys afterward, you get the auto responder, or you have to put in a ticket with an automatic response, you will never talk to a real person because nobody wants to talk to you, why should they, they are trying to move on to the next guy.

I can guarantee you, I know whose ClickBank account is getting bigger, it's theirs, now they can show their ClickBank account to the next guy and show how fast it is growing see "I'm rich and have bought new houses and cars" ya with our money, I am going to give you a couple of names to stay away from, I'm sure that they probably won't publish this article, because the truth will hurt some people.

Everyday my e-mail box is filled with the latest and greatest new software Ideas, I'm not kidding at least 10 great offers a day and the worst part of it is that it is a lot of the same guys, Matt Bacak, Allen Sulantic, Richard Allen to name a few of the regulars, the real problem is that they sound so convincing, and I really hope that this one is going to work.

Have you ever tried to look up a review of some of these guys, this is a good one, the top ten reviews are written by their own company , How about this ( this is a great product and this person is very successful and a lot of people have gotten rich using these methods). Then they have the testimonials wow, how can you go wrong, testimonials

I notice that I have left comments on their review pages and they never got published, I mean I don't think that a real review would help out their scheme very well, have you ever heard a negative comment on one of these reviews?

How about this for a deal, I will offer it to any of these snake oil salesmen, "if your software or method work half as good as you claim, I will pay you double, now I will guarantee that in 60 days I will give you double ( any takers?) Not very likely because they are selling junk that just doesn't work I'm sorry to say

I just opened my e-mail and the first thing that I saw was this offer "Hey, I've just arranged for you to have exclusive access to my killer 8 minute system for making insane profits online in the shortest possible time. How short? Well, how about over a million bucks in less than 3 months?"

I have to show you a couple more that were in my e-mail "If you're still struggling to make enough money online to quit your day job, then this is a crucial message for you. Matthew went from zero dollars to an average of $550 per day within his first month. Now he is letting all the secrets out, so you too can access this earth shattering software. Your future success depends on this new technology that guarantees you results. Kind regards Andrew & Steven"

I could turn this article into a book, my e-mail is constantly full of these offers promising to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, but I have found that I can get about 70 visitors a day of steady traffic by writing articles and having people click on the link on the bottom, it doesn't look like google is going to recognize me so I would appreciate your clicking the link and just taking a look I have a couple of descent websites, but I am still waiting for my first Million. Thanks.

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Hi, I haven't found the magic traffic swarm button yet, but I do have a couple of decent website, I have to get traffic the old fashion way, by writing articles and hoping people click the link on the bottom, Thanks James Buckles


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