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Boca Raton, FL (PressExposure) July 18, 2012 -- Imagine a business that would save you 30 to 50% on your water bill, would do all the upfront analysis and installation work absolutely free, and would only charge you half of the money you save if and when the savings occur. That company is Water conservation Solution. Hard as it is to believe, this company, founded in 1996 to innovate new solutions for water conservation problems to meet the growing demand for living green, has found a way to prosper by helping multi-family properties increase their net operating income (NOI) with no out-of-pocket-costs, guaranteed.

To top it off, the improvements they make to the properties they service fulfill 7 of the 14 water requirements for holding LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), creating a potential for increased property value while allowing the property owners to take pride in contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

Here's a quick run-down on how the system works:

1. Property Profile & Savings Estimate: The company will review the building's essential data and the most recent water and sewer bill to provide an initial savings analysis.

2. 30 Day Agreement & Billing Analysis: Once the property manager agrees to begin the process, the company will complete a detailed analysis of the last 12 months of water bills to ensure that the property is being billed correctly, sometimes resulting in a refund paid directly to the property owner.

3. Property Survey & Calibration: A Conserve local technician will visit the property to gather data and take test readings from sample units, allowing the company to set unique water flow parameters for each building.

4. Installation: At the convenience of the property manager, the Conserve local technician will install patented, water-saving shower heads and aerators throughout the building. These fixtures reduce water flow at a rate so subtle and uniform that consumers often see it as an increase in water pressure, and, as part of the installation process, they are individually adjusted to the preferences of each resident.

5. Ongoing Real-Time Monitoring & Monthly Audits: Much like having a security system overseeing water use in the building, the company will monitor water consumption, allowing them to identify unusual spikes in water usage and even underground leaks within 24 hours and inform the property manager, saving you money and the headaches of late-night calls from frustrated tenants. Bills will continue to be audited, ensuring that they are accurate.

6. Enjoy An Immediate Increase in NOI: With Water conservation Solution's water management system in place, the property's income goes up immediately and you keep half the savings.

With an opportunity like this to make money while improving your property and water conservation with no out-of-pocket cost, it's hard to imagine a reason not to contact Water conservation Solution today.

About Water Conservation Specialist LTD ( Conserve ) The Conserve helps customers from all over reduce their water consumption with its low-flow, high-pressure aerators.

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