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New York, New York (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- To better understand what high pressure water jetters are it is important to know who uses them and where they are used. Water jetters are people who use water jetting machines for their job. They are a sub group of technicians who use this type of equipment but not exclusive to it. These types of technicians usually are called for cleaning hard to reach and hard to clean surfaces but there are high pressure water jetters that are able to cut through steel with their power. Water jetters are cleaning specialists that sometimes even put their lives on the line just to get the job done. These modern day workers use different kinds of high pressure water jetters all depending on their purpose.

There are four types of water cleaning and they are differentiated by the amount of pressure they give off. The three are Low Pressure water cleaning, high pressure water cleaning, high pressure water jetting and ultra high pressure water cleaning. It is called low pressure water cleaning if the technicians use machines with less then 5,000 psi. High pressure water cleaning uses pressure between 5,000 to 10,000 psi. high pressure water jetters are technician that use high pressure water jetting machines and these machines uses pressure of between 10,000 to 25,000 psi. Ultra-high pressure jetting uses pressure of more than 25,000 psi. There are only a limited number of machines which are able to do all these and each of the different machines varies in the way they work.

Low pressure water cleaners employ the “high volume, low pressure” principle which makes it a bit wasteful especially with the use of water. Because of the amount of waste because of the this technology it is seldom used nowadays, except for special occasions such as cleaning soft, brittle and weak surfaces. High pressure water cleaning and high pressure water jetters are used for harder surfaces and the difference, as stated above is the amount of pressure that they release. They employ the principle “low pressure, high volume” for the machines. They waste less water than low pressure water cleaners. The ultra-high pressure water jetting machines are machines so powerful they are able to cut through metal. These machines are used for cold cutting steel, removal of surface coating and others.

All these machines are dangerous to use so extreme care is required when employing this technology. Every safety must be properly observed to avoid human and property harm which means that not everyone can use these kinds of equipment. Training and practice must be taken by everyone who even wants to attempt to use this kind of equipment. Failure to observe the safety precautions of each machine may lead to injuries ranging from mild to severe and in some instances even cause death. These instances are possible for all these types of machines but more dangerous and probable with the high pressure machines. high pressure water jetters are said to have enough power to actually pierce through human skin in some instances, much more for ultra-high pressure water jetters that are able to cut through steel.

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