Watsonville Facility Offers Guaranteed Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Gaffey Road, California (PressExposure) September 30, 2009 -- Narconon is a long-term residential drug treatment program with a more than 70% success rate for permanent recovery from addiction. The program has been effectively helping addicts for 44 years throughout the world. Its unique method for handling addiction focuses on both the mental and physical aspects of the problem.

Narconon has an established drug and alcohol treatment facility located near Watsonville, CA. While its methods differ greatly from the more familiar 12-step and “drug-for-drug” rehab programs, the results of the program differ just as greatly.

"To put it simply, Narconon works," Mike DiPalma, CCDC, RASi at the Watsonville facility, explained. “Narconon isn’t a hospital, but rather, a rehab and education center. We don’t have to rely on methods that hospitals are required by law to recommend. This gives us a remarkable depth for treatment and education to help keep the addict drug free for good. And it works.”

As an example, DiPalma mentioned Narconon’s much discussed sauna-based sweat treatment. “Normal drug treatment does nothing to tackle the physical aspects of drug relapse,” DiPalma said. “Drug residues hide in the muscle tissue. They can be dormant for years, until they’re eventually released back into the bloodstream. They head to the brain, where they cause cravings. Those cravings frequently cause a relapse.”

Sauna therapy, DiPalma says, literally sweats these residues out from the muscles and through the pores of the skin. Many Narconon students (no one is a patient at Narconon, because, addiction is not considered a “disease”) report losing all of their cravings due to sweat therapy, and no longer feel a need to take drugs.

But sauna therapy is just the beginning of the Narconon difference. Since most drug addicts (especially those addicted to “harder” drugs) tend to neglect their health after a while, a strict vitamin therapy regimen is de rigueur for all Narconon students.

The third and perhaps most important aspect of the Narconon treatment facility – and the part that really helps to send the message of healing home – is the required education all students receive – on life, on handling pressure and more. DiPalma said that this is the most valuable aspect of the treatment.

“Many addicts are simply people who didn’t learn all the life skills they needed in order to function in life. They found themselves in tough situations and chose to take the easy way out, rather than confront their problems and deal with them. We give Narconon residents all the knowledge they need to stay off drugs and be successful for the rest of their lives.”

Then, there’s the “guarantee.” Narconon has come under a bit of fire for going against the grain of Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs. The credos of those organizations depict alcoholism and drug abuse as incurable, but manageable diseases. Narconon doesn’t buy that pretense for a minute, DiPalma says.

“Most of the people who complete the Narconon program never touch addictive drugs again,” DiPalma said. “But there will always be people who relapse. We understand that. So we guarantee our work. If anyone completes the Narconon program and relapses within a month’s time, we will reenter them in the program at no charge. Then we’ll work on whatever the student needs to reinforce in order to get over the urge to do drugs again.”

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The Narconon program was established to help people suffering from substance dependencies, with the goal of freeing them and their families from the devastation of drug or alcohol abuse. Narconon of Northern California opened its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in 1992, in Bonny Doon, California. Launched by “word of mouth” publicity, ongoing success resulted in the relocation of the residential treatment program to a larger campus in Santa Cruz, CA. The Narconon drug and alcohol treatment facility of Northern California program now graduates 150 clients annually. It includes a center in Placerville and a new center in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

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