Ways to Enhance Your Logo Appearance Through Custom Printing

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 10, 2008 -- Sure, a mascot helps promote a company and actually increases brand name retention. But on paper, especially with letterheads and business cards, you will need more than a mascot to represent your company. Creating a logo is a great way to add impressive packaging to your company with a few tricks from custom printing.

Aside from having a "corporate ID", it enhances product and service association with your company name. That is, if you have an effective logo. To obtain one, it is not just the aspect of concept design that you can tap. How it actually appears on print can add a 'wow' factor. This is feasible through custom-finishing jobs and options.

This involves playing with printing methods for your letterheads, business cards, brochures and such. These include the use of metallic and fluorescent inks, foil stamping, thermography, embossing and debossing among many others.

Prior to printing your logo

Before proceeding to this task, there are some factors that you have to check with the design of your logo first.

Make sure that it is simple. Avoid an overwhelming design that might make people miss out the point of your logo. In the same manner, don't make it too flat and dull.

Keep the font easy to read. If you don't, expect minimal response to your product or service. Be careful with the colors you choose. Make sure that the color of your letters has a sharp contrast with the color of the background or graphics. Even the color can become a key identifier of your logo. Case in point are famous establishments which has registered patent on logos and colors as well.

After achieving a good design, you can utilize different ways in which you can further maximize the appeal of your logo.

Several ways to present your logo

- Using metallic and fluorescent inks

Give your letters and graphics a unique sheen or a strong contrast using metallic and fluorescent inks, respectively.

For metallic inks, common colors include gold, silver, bronze, copper and nickel. Pealized inks or tones are also popular. These can possess bright colors with a distinct shimmer or glitter and ranges from white, soft blues and so on.

Fluorescent inks, on one hand, can range from reds, pink, yellows, oranges and green for truly eye-catching colors.

- Foil stamping

Foil stamping can also give your logo sheen but a more intense one. Aside from that, it creates a rick and smooth surface on your design. It's a tactile treat for the senses. It easily comes in gold or silver and other metallic colors.

- Thermography

Thermography produces raised inks with a distinctive gloss. Its somewhat gelatinous appearance quickly adds character to any print output. Single color logo designs can surely benefit from this custom printing method. It'll easy let your brand name or logo surface from other details.

- Embossing and debossing

Add a new dimension to your design. Through embossing, you can achieve an elevated design. This method registers a convex image to an almost 3-D like effect. On the other hand, debossing creates a concave effect, giving a recess mark on the paper.

Blind embossing is done when it doesn't pattern itself out after an ink design, logo or letters.

Impress clients and make rivals envious with the countless combinations that are possible through custom printing. Bring your logo to life and be famous for it - all through your imagination and these printing options.

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