We Have Just Proven The Existence Of The Human Soul Using Lasers

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) June 07, 2011 -- This is a history making day for us and the rest of humanity. We have taken the next step beyond photos and audio recordings towards proving the existence of the human soul.

The basis of our work assumes that any kind of ghost or spirit must have "mass" associated with it. Without mass it cannot exist. Could this be the 3/4 oz of weight loss that was detected by the early turn of the century experiments that attempted to weigh a body both before and after death and found that exactly 3/4 oz were lost?

"I am confident that we can suspend this device above a dying patient and have it detect the time of death better than any device known to man", Eric Martin, Founder, Ghost Engineers.

We are currently working on a video for our tests. In the video you can clearly see the laser beam open the width of a person's shoulders. At the same time we are on our cell phone with one of our interns who are just outside of the room where doctors are rushing in an attempt to restart the heart of the patient.

We have also designed a "layering" technique to determine the direction of movement of the mass. Most movement is up through the roof, but during recoveries the target mass appears to move into the hospital. Our layering technique simply detects time of detection by using two vertically stacked detection devices. If the lower devices goes off first followed by the upper device then the movement is up and leaving the hospital. If the upper device alarms first followed by the lower device, then movement is back into the hospital.

In 1907 a doctor name MacDougall constructed an experiment to determine the weight of the soul. Dying patients were placed on sensitive scales and were closely monitored. At the moment of death it was observed that they would lose ¾ of an ounce of weight. There was no logical reason for this, so Dr. MacDougall concluded that it was the weight of the soul leaving the body. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed. So what happens to the electrical energy in our body when we die?

Here is some of what we know. When a person dies, they lose 3/4 of an ounce of weight. Remember also that energy cannot exist without matter. So we could conclude that the soul takes with it the electrical energy of the body and has a weight of ¾ of an ounce. This follows the law of Conservation of Energy.

SOUL/GHOST = ENERGY (electrical energy) + MASS (3/4 ounce of something)

My recent theory is that ghosts are composed of particles called Neutrinos. Neutrinos can pass through walls and any other type of matter. They also have mass, but they are very difficult to photograph. Neutrino collectors involve tanks of water in the ground. This supports the theories that greater paranormal activity occurs in areas of high humidity, or when underground water sources are present.

No device currently exists that can photograph neutrinos, but we can measure them.

Electromagnetic fields are also associated with Neutrinos. If we could build a device that allows us to view Neutrinos, would we then be able to view the entire spirit?

What we can conclude is that the soul has mass (perhaps ¾ of an ounce). We also know that they have mass because they are able to break laser beams. Spirits are also usually invisible just like neutrinos and they produce electromagnetic fields. Scientists have constructed devices to collect Neutrinos. What if we could take a neutrino collector inside of a haunted location? What would we collect? Neutrinos are the only particle that can pass through other matter. Sightings of ghosts passing through walls are often reported. The scientific explanation for this is the Neutrino theory. This gives us more detail about the possible construction of the soul.

SOUL/GHOST = ENERGY (DC electrical energy from the body) + MASS (3/4 ounce of Neutrinos)

The DC electrical energy in the human body is used to carry signals from the brain to other parts of the body (i.e. brain signals traveling along nerves using electrical pulses).

About The Ghost Engineers


Eric Martin is the founder of the Ghost Engineers. He has also built the largest rail traffic control system in America located in Fort Worth Texas (the NOC.) He is currently working to create a system to prevent trains from colliding. This system is called PTC and it uses GPS and computers on board the locomotive that will "put on the brakes" if the trains get too close. If successful, this will save many lives in the commuter rail industry. Eric is also a great grandson+ of the famous French writer "Jeans Jacques Rousseau."

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