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Santa Barbara County, California (PressExposure) June 10, 2014 -- Educate My Girl Program is an initiative to bring world society together and engage them to promote Education of a women in the society. Educate My Girl Project.

This project as the name suggest, educate my girl, Is primarily about educating/ training/(creating awareness) girls. We will not be providing books or money but we will be discussing with girls and training them about mental/emotional/physical strength required in their daily life. Schools provide education which help girls to choose a profession but they are unable to handle the pressure of work/society/family.

Our goal is to train girls(literate or illiterate) that they can make their life worth for their family and society and can weave a happy life.

Food/Clothes/Job depend on economic/social background but to handle the pressures is never looked upon. To provide food, clothes, water, hygiene etc. you need to deal with larger area/ society as a whole. We wish to train and engage with individuals.Our Program & Founder:

Hello, my name is Nandini Goel. I am 11 years old and the founder of Educate My Girl. For the past few months, I have been working for girls' education with a few of my friends and this summer I started a special program for them. It has been a lot of work, but I am lucky that I have some very educated and senior guides from various fields and walks of life as well as my family to help me.

To know more about me: http://www.facebook.com/nandinigoel.india

Our Mission:

Educate My Girl is a program which helps girls learn about their health, understand their rights, improve their education, and achieve their goals and ambitions.

We have been working for some time alone with a small group of girls on topics that are important to them, but, recently, we realized that computer education for girls is essential. There are some training programs available in New Delhi, but these girls come from families that may be surviving on only $60 a month. They will not be able to afford outside training, and they come from conservative families, so they are not able to travel far from their homes. We must take computer education to them.

Recently we took an Initiative and started a Computer program, we started for the girls in under privileged area of Delhi. You may be surprised to learn that, even though many people in India have computers and good access to technology, there are still many people, especially girls, who don't. The computers in schools often go unused because there are not enough for all students or because teachers don't have time to use them. The girls in our group are very eager to learn and we are happy to provide them support.

Every weekend, I have around 6-10 girls who are working with us. The girls come from conservative families so they are not allowed to travel far from their homes, so we made arrangements to teach them in their vicinity. We have arranged to keep the computer in a room in the locality and we operate classes every weekend. We meet the girls in small groups every Saturday and Sunday. We will be teaching them computer skills, English, and health information, including meditation to help them deal with the stress they will have in their lives.We have expert guidance to support us in these areas.

Hope we can do our part for our world.Do register with the website and attach the Facebook page with yours

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