Wearable Shoe Tree Extends Shoe Life

Austin, TX (PressExposure) October 08, 2009 -- Revolutionary product will save your wallet and your shoes

Show connoisseurs from all over the world who have not heard about wearable shoe tree may want to sit up and take notice. This product, available online at http://www.wearableshoetrees.com/shop/ is the perfect protector for all of your shoes – both expensive and inexpensive – and is making waves in the shoe industry. Perfect for 23isBack shoe, men’s and women’s shoes, the wearable shoe tree can be used while the shoes are being worn.

Unlike other shoe trees currently on the market, the wearable shoe tree is designed for use in the shoe while they sit in your closet or on your feet. The design of the shoe tree is one that will keep leather and other materials in the shoe, especially in the ‘toe box’, tight and crease free just like the day the shoe was first purchased. The shoe tree is manufactured from a heavy molded plastic and they are guaranteed to help your shoes last for years.

These shoe trees are designed to wear in the shoe and can also be used as a decreaser in order to keep from having to stuff the toe of shoe with cotton or other products to keep the toe area from crinkling. Customers wearing 23isBack, Nike Air Force 1’s and Air Jordan’s especially like the wearable shoe tree as they help the sneaker keep the shape all the time. Sneaker’s today are an investment and most consumers prefer to have them looking as sharp as possible all of the time. Additionally, high dollar sneakers will simply last longer when a wearable shoe tree is used on a daily basis.

Shoe artists – or ‘customizers’ – who paint or apply other graphics to sneakers have found the wearable shoe tree an extra tool in their craft box when it comes to painting or applying other artwork. The shoe trees offer a tight, consistent area to work with from the middle of the sole to the tip of the shoe box. The same is true for shoe shiner’s who use them when shining a pair of dress shoes. They hold the shoe in place and allow the shiner to get a better shine and softer leather from the shoe itself. The wearable shoe tree can also be used to stretch shoes by putting a larger shoe tree into a smaller shoe.

So far the product and the company website has received raved reviews about the product and the company spokesperson reported a 100% satisfaction rate and a 100% positive feedback rate since the wearable shoe tree hit the market. The staff at WST is consistently looking for new ways to improve the product or add to the product line and they value the feedback all of their customers provide them, allowing them to use it to create new and better shoe preservation products.

About the product The wearable shoe tree comes in two styles: the Protector and the Universal. The Protector is the stiffer shoe tree and is made with slightly thicker and heavier molded plastic. They are designed for sneakers and shoes that are worn only on special occasions, acting more as a shoe shape holder and traditional shoe tree.

The Universal wearable shoe tree is designed for use in your shoes everyday. Like the Protector, the Universal is made of molded plastic but it is not as thick or heavy. They are designed to fit in any shoe or sneaker currently on the market and are made to fit with everyday activities. These will fit well in Nike Air Force 1s, 23isBack shoes, sneakers, shoes and boots.

The Universal wearable shoe tree is made with vents in them to keep them from picking up any type of odor caused by everyday wear. Both the Protector and the Universal are hand washable and do not require and special adhesive to stick to the shoe to keep them in place.

About Wearable Shoe Trees

Found in 2006 by Paul Siragusa, WST has since grown to include a small but well trained staff that customize and personally oversee every wearable shoe tree that leaves the plant. The company has gone through a few name changes as well as product changes to become the family oriented establishment it is today.For more information visit http://www.wearableshoetrees.com/

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