WebWiseMedia Scam Accusations Myth Organic Search Costs Less than PPC with Better Results

Woodland Hills, California (PressExposure) November 20, 2009 -- Web Wise Media, a Los Angeles based SEO firm, recently released numbers from last year showing that $6.75 billion was spent on PPC campaigns while a mere $1.05 billion was spent on natural or organic search techniques. Surprisingly, the organic search campaigns led to higher ROI's and better productivity for those who focused their efforts on them. Experts agree that this shows a marked change in both the way people are shopping online and how internet marketing companies will now handle their clients.

Web Wise Media has been involved in e-commerce ventures since 1996 and have applied their marketing strategies to their own companies before they made them available to others. "These strategies have been proven over time," said one company executive. "We're not just shooting in the dark here hoping to hit something. All of our methods have been documented and we know what the results will be for you. Our clients can pick and choose their own methods or we'll customize a package that works best for them."

Some of the SEO techniques that Web Wise uses include article marketing, press releases, directory and search engine indexing, and social networking and bookmarking. Experts agree that the links produced from these mediums have greater lasting power than the customer base established with a PPC campaign. An article will be read over and over again if it presents valuable information in an easy to digest format. Two line PPC ads are generally forgotten after they go by if they are even noticed at all.

The introduction of social networking and bookmarking in Web Wise Media's new SEO packages is not a surprise, but it is considered a bold move by many in the industry. No one doubts that there is a benefit there based on the sheer numbers that you can put up with Twitter, Facebook and others, but it is a medium with no real documented statistics right now and it's still evolving. Perhaps Web Wise Media knows something about this that the rest of us don't.

No one can discount the work that they have done optimizing their own website and driving themselves up the search rankings. They are currently number one for the keyword "Los Angeles SEO", a keyword with over seven million search results. If they can do that for themselves in a market as competitive as Los Angeles then they can no doubt help a whole lot of other folks attain better page ranking. Web Wise also does custom web design if you are looking for a new look for your website.

The world of SEO and the SEO techniques being used is changing based on consumer behaviors and purchasing trends. Those who recognize those changes will come out on top in an industry that is getting more and more competitive all the time. There are hundreds of new websites springing up every day and they're being matched by the development of new service providers. Web Wise Media is a company with experience that seems to have its finger on the pulse of what's going on in internet marketing right now.

About Web Wise Media

Web Wise Media is a Local SEO Company in Los Angeles which offers Affordable Website SEO Services using Natural SEO techniques to achieve and maintain top 10 rankings for your online business within the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Lycos, Excite, Alta Vista and many more.

We offer multiple Online Marketing Services. We research, create, and implement the right campaign for your business using a variety of Legitimate Online Marketing Techniques some of which are as follows; Natural SEO, Press Release Writing and Distribution Service, PPC Management, Sponsored Placement and Affordable Internet Marketing Strategies for both business to business and business to consumer clients.

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