WebXsposure Site Oozes Healing Energy Through Reiki Master

Cambridge, MD (PressExposure) November 12, 2009 -- WebXsposure launches new meditation and healing web presence at dragonflyqueen.com for dragonfly Reiki master Kim Crum. Their new “Connecting With Your Body” CD is a prompt and simple way to connect with your body and release tension quickly and effectively.

Reiki was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. The "Rei" stands for "universal wisdom," and the "ki" refers to "life force energy" similar to "Chi" in Chinese healing or "prana" in yoga. Thus, Reiki means "universal life force energy," which works on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s administered by laying on hands and can be easily learned by anyone, but mastered by few.

At the St. Luke’s Wellness Center, some of the patients receive Reiki sessions prior to chemotherapy, which has been reported to offset some of the post-chemo reactions. Patients have noticed dramatic improvements in pain levels following Reiki treatments. In Palmyra Virginia, atop the picturesque Monticello Mountain, Kim Crum, a Reiki Master, practices her meditation every day. In an attempt to help others realize a more peaceful, happy, and healthy life, Ms. Crum has produced the Meditation CD, “Connecting with Your Body”. In order to get that CD out to the world, she turned to WebXsposure Design Studios for her web presence launch.

“The internet allows me to express my passion on a scale I never could have imagined.” Ms. Crum tells us. “As a web user, I understand first hand that a website, no matter what the purpose, quickly becomes a window to the world. They peek inside and immediately judge your home, your business. This website is, in most cases, my potential customers’ first impression of me and my product. WebXsposure did an incredible job of capturing the way I wanted people to feel when they peered into my world.”

Dragonfly Expressions (www.dragonflyqueen.com) is the creative, spiritual outlet of Kim Crum, aka Dragonfly Queen. Besides being a Reiki Master, Ms. Crum is also a Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Virginia. She is dedicated to achieving balance (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally) in her own life and then sharing what she learns with others.

“Kim had some very set ideas and goals pertaining to colors and outline”, explains Derek Brown, CEO at WebXsposure Design Studios (www.webxsposure.com). “We learned a lot about colors and their emotional consequences during this project. I think we both benefited from the relationship! “

When color is used correctly, it can add a tremendous impact to a web site's objective. When used incorrectly, you can lose your visitors faster than they arrived. Regardless of what your left brain may tell you, color symbolizes and triggers emotions, memories and ideas or thoughts without you even realizing it. This is especially critical on the web, simply because the next website is only one mouse-click away.

“Color is quite arguably the most important component of a project’s finished design.” Adds Mr. Brown. “When successfully used, color will grab a person’s attention, and evoke a range of emotions within them. Color can also be linked to a company directly, and form the basis of their identity.”

So what are the colors of healing and relaxation? Find out with a quick visit to Dragonfly Expressions at [http://www.dragonflyqueen.com]. Let us know if you leave refreshed.

Biography 1: WebXsposure Design Studio’s is an Internet Marketing and Visibility Enhancement company based in Cambridge Maryland U.S.A. WebXsposure specialized in content management system (CMS) , search engine optimized web site design, as well as pay per click strategy and management.

Deryk E Brown, CEO, 214 Rambler Road, Cambridge Maryland, http://www.webxsposure.com, cs@webxspsoure.com , 443-239-2356

Biography 2: Dragonfly Expressions is based out of Palmyra Virginia. Owner operator Kim Crum is a dragonfly Reiki Master, Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Virginia. The company currently offers one meditation CD for purchase to the public.

Ms. Kim Crum, 11 Bernardsburg Road, Palmyra Virginia, [http://www.dragonflyqueen.com], kim@dragonflyqueen.com, 434-249-1806

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