Web Site Launched for Dog Fans

Albany, New York (PressExposure) March 19, 2009 -- A Web site that ranges from answering the questions of dog lovers to providing safe and researched gifts for them is now up and operating. The site, [http://www.caninekingdom.com], is the brainchild of long time pet advocate and activist, Mary Beth Close.

For Close, (age), the launch marks the culmination of a life’s ambition to increase understanding between dogs and humans.

“I realized that man’s best friend may also be his most misunderstood,” says Close. “While there are mountains of information about dogs out there today, much of it is mired in theory, old wives’ tales and wishful thinking.”

Close set out to change that.

The Site

The resulting site, [http://www.caninekingdom.com], represents seven [?] years of careful application and painstaking research. The board of advisors [is this what we call them?] for Canine Kingdom includes both behaviorally to classically educated [is this what we want to say?] dog experts.

“It is incorrect to think that there are only theories about the way animals respond,” says Close, who has both run an animal shelter and served as an advisor about dog behavior. “The simple fact is that there are tested and proven methods that work on the majority of dogs, and I believe that it is my professional mission to bring this knowledge to as many pet parents and dog lovers as possible.” [Does this work? Don’t want to sound sanctimonious/self-righteous.]

“When people are awakened at three in the morning by a new puppy missing its mother or alarmed by their dog’s aggressive behavior toward the child next door, I want them to know that there is a place they can go to 24-7 that will give them solid, thoughtful and researched answers to their pressing questions.”

To this end, Close challenges dog lovers, animal trainers and other interested people to submit their training tips along with their documentation and proof to caninekingdom.com. If substantiated, the results will be published, along with credit to the submitter, on the caninekingdom Web site.

“A number of practicing professionals wish that their veterinary school curricula had been able to include more of this education,” says Close. “It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to call this my vocation. And needless to say, it has been a lot of fun as well.”

The site also includes a commercial component to support its educative mission. More than [number] products, endorsed and in many cases personally tested, by Close are included in its [“”] section.

Technical graph [something along the lines of ….this site operates and is powered by….]

The Problem

More than 80 per cent of dogs in shelters are there because of so-called behavior problems. [needs citation] More than 40 per cent of puppies are given up in their first year. [needs citation] Only two per cent will live to see their third birthday. [needs citation]

These are the staggering facts that have led to a tsunami of media attention about dogs. On one popular search site, there are over 16 million Web pages on the topic of dog training alone. This has led to a situation that Close believes to be a dog information problem in an industry that is simultaneously over- (in terms of the amount of information) and under- (in terms of documentation) developed.

“You almost need a PhD to understand what is out there,” says Close. “We want [http://www.caninekingdom.com] to be the place where understanding your dogs is as easy as loving them.”

About Canine Kingdom

Canine Kingdom researches, organizes, develops, and validates information, methods and products regarding Dog Care, Dog Safety and Dog Myths needs. Canine Kingdom is an independent corporation and is not affiliated with any other pet related company, professional, or organization.

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