Website Design, Optimisation And CSS - The Creare Group Look At How Optimising CSS Can Ease Maintenance

Leicester, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 14, 2009 -- As with any trade it is important for web designers to continually progress their skills when it comes to creating websites. Over time this can improve the products that individuals are able to design and produce.

In their latest website design video blog, The Creare Group's website designer, Michael Angrave and SEO Consultant, Nick Rinylo look at how initially optimising a website's code can ease maintenance and improve a designers coding skills.

The Creare Group understand the importance of learning from other experienced website designers and aimed to answer a question posed by one of their regular viewers, Belinda from Carlisle, who asked whether there was any point in CSS optimisation when the file sizes produced are so small anyway?

When designing a website, coding plays a large part; CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used by designers to input design variables for a website, these can include colours, fonts and sizes. Both Nick and Michael explain that optimising a websites CSS is a process that ensures the code is concise and works efficiently.

They discuss how optimising style sheets can make maintenance of a website much easier, should a designer have to come back and alter it. They also explain that writing concise code is simply good practice and can have a positive effect upon the compliance of a website against accessibility and SEO standards.

Before optimising a website's style sheets, Nick and guest presenter Michael explain the importance of understanding how CSS works. They look at both inheritance and notations in depth and finish with a demonstration of how to optimise CSS without altering how the web page renders.

The basic premise of inheritance is how styles relate to one another, understanding how style sheets cascade makes optimising the code much simpler.

This latest video blog is slightly different as it ends on a musical note, to find out more the video blog can be found both on the Creare Design website, The Creare Group's YouTube channel and on

Following the theme of creating accessible websites The Creare Group's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultant's Nick Rinylo and Amelia Vargo explain how making a website design accessible can aid SEO in their latest video blog.

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