Website Petition Launched Urging Californians to Say

Los Angeles , CA (PressExposure) November 08, 2009 -- Website Petition Launched Urging Californians to Say “NO TO SACRAMENTO” on 10% More in Tax Withholding


Starting this month, California will take an additional 10 percent of our state tax withholdings in order to run the state, and one local consumer advocate says it’s not fair. And he’s fighting back with a new website, [].

“There was no vote on this,” says founder and consumer advocate Philip Tirone. “Simply, our state government has unilaterally decided to withhold a bigger chunk of our paychecks.”

“This is not fair, and that is why I’m doing something about it” Tirone adds. “Sacramento needs to start managing the State’s finances like Californians are managing their own pocketbooks. Most of us are cutting back and changing our lifestyle, but not state legislature. Basically, they issue an order for a no interest loan, with no vote, simply mandated by Sacramento. What gives them that right? This is stealing money from all working Californians, many of whom are living paycheck-to-paycheck.”

To urge the state to end this practice, Californians can sign an online petition at [].

“We must speak up together,” Tirone urged. “As individuals, we are weak, but together, they cannot deny us.”

The website is [], and the petition reads:

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger and state legislators:

You do not have a right to take my hard earned money simply because of your inability to govern our state.

You are clearly incapable of making independent decisions because the special interest groups have lined your political coffers with millions of dollars. This is preventing you from making the kinds of difficult choices that need to be made.

Instead of throwing up your hands and apologizing for not being able to make the cut, how about showing some true grit and announcing you will be going without pay for the next year?

Sacrifice should start from the top, especially considering that is where the trouble started.

If you don’t, we the voters will speak up, and we will start with this petition. We are saying “No To Sacramento.” If you think you are going to cram this self-imposed loan with no interest down our throats, think again.

If you voted Yes on this amendment, we will vote No on you in the upcoming election. If you do not change this immediately, you will be out of office quicker than you can say “pass the buck and stick it to the little guy,” which is obviously what you are trying to say.

For more information, visit [], or call (310) 453-1501.


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