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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- Married women love looking at their wedding bands while remembering the memories of their wedding day. That’s why couples just love it when shopping for the perfect band. They expect to have those same memories to be engraved into their bands as their partner puts it on their finger. For this exact reason a couple should find the perfect band that will fit the kind of love they have between them.

There are different kinds of wedding bands made from different materials and are done in different designs, but it’s up to the couple how to pick the one band that would definitely match their nature. Throughout the years there have been plenty of designs made for the millions of couples that were wed but I’m sure that there’s one that’s perfect for you. It can be made from silver, yellow or white gold, titanium, platinum or even tungsten, each on unique, each one more expensive than the other.

Each type of metal used brings something to the table, silver is the cheapest of them all but doesn’t really hold that much significance when it comes to wedding bands, gold is a traditional piece that has a long standing tradition, titanium is one of the lightest metals used today while platinum is the most expensive and the most durable and tungsten finds the balance between all of them.

tungsten wedding bands are really the complete package, their price is quite affordable considering its quality, its relatively new to fine jewelries but the people within the industry has already held in high regard for its properties. It can match titanium in weight and is even more durable than platinum, some jewelers even go as far as giving a lifetime warranty for any defect that might show up as long as its within bounds of the tungsten’s property they mention.

Although this might look all great on print, but there have been thousands who can back up that tungsten wedding bands really are pieces to be marveled at because even after they’ve been wearing them for five year, it only takes a wipe of a cloth to make them brand new, looking the same as the first time they were it to their spouse.

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