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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- One of the most intimate and heartfelt celebrations in the history of the mankind is the union of two souls in love. This happens through the elaborate romantic process of marriage. Believed to be first widely practiced in Western society, marriage would never be complete without the giving of ceremonial wedding bands. It was the Romans who first wore plain iron rings in their fingers as a symbol of marital commitment to fidelity. However, this tradition was not confined to the Westerners. Majority of the world’s population continue to adapt and stick to this practice until this very day. And it is unlikely for it to be banished from the essentials of falling in love.

Wedding bands symbolize eternal love. Its circular shape is seen as a never ending journey of love, a symbol of wholeness and of unity. Wedding rings are equated with the promise of forever --- the universal symbols of love. Love is an abstract feeling which cannot be seen or touched but can only be felt. The ring is a concrete manifestation of love, then.

The vena amoris or vein of love, which ran from the fourth finger of the left hand directly to the heart, was believed to exist in ancient cultures. A decree made by England’s King Edward VI ordered that the official ring finger is the left hand’s third finger. And in 1549, the Book of Common Prayer designated the left hand as the marriage hand. But while rings are the universal love symbol, the finger on which it should be worn is not universal as some cultures deviate from the decree and official marriage hand statement made.

Through time, the plain iron rings have been replaced by gold, diamond, platinum, tungsten and the like. tungsten wedding bands became popular because of its practical use and great features. Durability, strength, visual appeal, and luster are possessed by such. It takes no genius to know that rings with those qualities are worth spending and wearing.

Because the rings mark your celebration of life and love, you should not settle for anything cheap looking and less remarkable. Take advantage of the advancements in metallurgy and stone cutting and have the unique, sleek and always polished looking tungsten wedding rings. It is always exciting to get involved in wedding plans including choosing and customizing your wedding rings which will be with you and your spouse until the world is through.

Purchasing a wedding band is not an easy ordeal. After all, rings are symbols of one’s undying love for each other. Due attention and consideration must be given. The common things to be taken into consideration are tradition, personal preferences, design, and budget. Luckily, with tungsten wedding bands you can have all those working in a beautiful harmony. This unison is yet another symbol for your love that is intact, true, and eternal. With a lot of styles to choose from, you can choose the aesthetics and appeal of the rings you and your spouse will wear on your fingers.

Surely, purchasing the perfect rings will usher in the creation of your romantic journey.

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