Wedding Rings, The Pros and the Cons

3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 16, 2009 -- Looking for the right kind of wedding ring isn't as easy as anyone would think. Unlike the usual jewelry worn by women or sometimes men, wedding rings are mostly worn everyday which makes them susceptible to damages such as scratches and denting. Other more serious damage that wedding rings could endure are fractures that would sometimes impair a wedding ring. There are incidents that could cause irreparable damage like corrosion from acidic substances. It's good to know that a lot of wedding rings of today are built to resist everyday wear-and-tear. However, the question is which is more advantageous than the other? Here is a list of materials used today to make wedding rings, including their pros and cons.

Gold Wedding Ring

The Pros: * Gold wedding rings have long lasting luster that could hold the shine for many years. * Able to resist a number of scratches and beatings. * As a traditional material, gold wedding rings are popular as one of the most luxurious items around.

The Cons: * Not as highly resistant as other materials for wedding rings. It could still be scratched by other metals. * The purest form, 24k gold wedding rings, are vulnerable to denting. * Not as hypoallergenic as other wedding rings. * As a luxury item, gold wedding rings are known for their expensiveness. A single gold wedding ring could cost around $200 USD to $800 USD.

Platinum Wedding Ring The Pros: * Very stylish. It's shine makes it highly luxurious on its own. * One of the hardest known precious metals used for wedding rings. * Highly resistant to scratches and denting. * Hypoallergenic.

The Cons: * Platinum wedding rings are usually covered with a thin plating of rhodium to gain its whiteness which must be reapplied after some years of wear. * More expensive than gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings can cost around $600 USD to as much as $2000 USD a piece. White Gold Wedding Band The Pros: * Because of its whiteness, it can be a perfect substitute for platinum wedding rings. * Because it greatly resembles platinum, white god wedding rings can be as luxurious as platinums. * Cheaper than platinum. White gold wedding rings can cost around $100 USD to $700 USD.

The Cons: * Not as hard as platinum. * It could lose its white pigmentation over time. * Not as hypoallergenic as platinum. * Not as highly resistant as platinum.

Tungsten Wedding Ring The Pros: * A Tungsten wedding ring can be as strong as platinum. Even stronger when carbon alloy is added. * Hypoallergenic. * Popular as a man's wedding ring for its metal gray color and finish. * When carbon alloy is added, tungsten wedding ring can hold its mirror like shine for years. * When carbon alloy is added, tungsten wedding ring becomes highly resistant to scratches and denting. * Considered as a new comer, the price for a single Tungsten wedding ring could range from as low as $100 USD to to $500 USD.

The Cons: * Tungsten alone is vulnerable to scratches. * If fractured, it must be replaced. Because of its hardness, it can't be easily repaired.

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