Weight Loss Coach, Jeff Cadwell, Aligns with Catalina LifeSciences

Tustin, California (PressExposure) August 07, 2006 -- Jeff Cadwell, a Maximum Life Coach specializing in weight loss surgery, is pleased to announce his recent affiliation with Catalina LifeSciences. This company offers a variety of convenient methods for his clients to obtain weight loss nutritional supplements and aids.

The decision to offer nutritional supplements by aligning with Catalina LifeSciences is just one more tool that Cadwell wants to offer his clients in addition to his Life Coaching services. These products are available through the e-store on his website, http://www.jeffcadwell.com.

As a formerly obese person himself, Cadwell, who underwent bariatric surgery and lost 165 lbs. within one year, says, “We all are so emotionally miserable with what has happened to us physically, that we're looking for that quick fix or “Magic Pill.” With this frustration, we try to resolve the issue alone. Most importantly, we don't have someone to speak with who will understand and is impartial, unlike a friend or family member.”

Helping people to achieve and maintain their new weight loss lifestyle is Cadwell’s passion. His focus is to enable his clients to “live more robust lives not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.” His clients include those who are severely overweight and are considering having bariatric surgery as well as those who have already undergone the procedure.

“Bariatric or gastrointestinal surgery alters the digestive process” says Cadwell. “The operations can be divided into two different types: restrictive, and combined restrictive/malabsorptive.

Restrictive operations limit food intake by creating a narrow passage from the upper part of the stomach into the larger lower part, reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold and slowing the passage of food through the stomach.

With the malabsorptive process, it excludes most of the small intestine from the digestive tract so fewer calories and nutrients are absorbed.

According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS), you’re typically required to see a mental health professional prior to surgery.”

What Cadwell has in fact discovered, is that many of his clients are depressed and confused before and after undergoing the surgery. These patients are typically unprepared to deal with the necessary emotional, mental and spiritual changes required to adopt and maintain a new healthy eating lifestyle.

In his recent article “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life - A Cognitive Guide for Weight Loss Surgery Success”, Cadwell stresses the importance of positive self-talk and making focused, conscious decisions every day. His role is to help his clients successfully redefine their thinking patterns, enabling them to create new habits that help them avoid succumbing to the self-defeating “gremlin” sitting on their shoulder. Based on the top selling book, “Taming Your Gremlin” by Rick Carson, Cadwell uses this metaphor for the inner conflict that obese people possess which causes them to seek food as an emotional outlet.

Cadwell works closely with his clients to develop a well-defined set of achievable goals. He helps them to realize their own potential in overcoming even the harshest of physical, emotional and mental challenges. Having experienced many of the same issues and challenges in his own life, he offers his clients a unique empathy towards weight loss.

While his specialty is weight loss, Cadwell also offers his services to any individual needing help in achieving their fullest potential.

Fully trained and qualified as Life Coach, Cadwell is a member of the International Association of Coaches. He has been featured in “ObesityHelp” magazine and has appeared as a guest on several nationwide radio shows.

For more information about Jeff Cadwell’s coaching services and his recent affiliation with Catalina LifeSciences, please visit his website at http://www.jeffcadwell.com

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