What Can Yoga Do to Help the Global Economy in 2009?

Attleboro, MA (PressExposure) February 05, 2009 -- What can Yoga do to turn the world economy around? Do you feel helpless, when you see or hear the daily news? Does your heart sink when you see your new credit card interest rate? We hear a lot of pessimism from financial experts, which leads to much negativity in the stock markets.

People are losing their homes, jobs are being lost, and suicides are becoming an option to poverty. We could blame corporate greed, banks, and Wall Street; but what good would it do? We cannot afford to waste time blaming those who our tax dollars support. Now is the time for real solutions, and each of us has a silver lining of creativity.

What can Yoga teachers do? In our classes, we should maintain optimism. Make stress management workshops available to your students and the general public. Teach meditation sessions which focus on positive outcomes. Proliferate positive energy, so that your students carry the seeds of hope to the rest of your community.

What can Yoga practitioners do? Visit your local Yoga studio and cultivate positive energy. Give everyone you know a dose of optimism. Help anyone you can. Each of us has limitations, but collectively, we have the ability to help those who need it most. Keep your dreams alive and move forward, without taking financial risks.

This action requires an International effort among Yoga practitioners of all styles. This is much more than wishful thinking. There are Yoga practitioners in every country, of every religion, and every color. It is time to unite and take action.

How can Yoga practitioners help? We can start with collective meditation, positive affirmation, and prayer. Here is a proposal for positive change in 2009. On the second day of each even month, we will practice collective meditation, positive affirmation, and prayer, with the intention of global economic recovery.

Why should you care? The Great Depression was followed by World War II. Massive poverty is a breeding ground for hate, blame, and warfare. Without funds, many charities are already at risk. Local communities cannot support themselves, with thousands more unemployed people each month.

The economic downturn may not be your problem now, but if this economy keeps sinking, it will be. In truth, poverty is a social problem for all of us - no matter where you live.

Here is the plan of action. Join together and practice collective meditation, positive affirmation, and prayer, with the intention of worldwide economic recovery on the second day of April, June, August, October, and December of 2009. When the economy turns around, we can focus on world peace in 2010.

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