What Does Article Marketing Do?

Marikina City, Florida (PressExposure) April 06, 2009 -- What good does article writing do in online businesses? Article writing or article marketing encompasses a wide array of possibilities for online businesses. Because of the wide demand for quicker information exchange, article marketing has been considered as one of the fastest way to relay information through the internet. Benefits acquired in article marketing includes:

* By marketing oneself or one's business in the internet by use of write-ups, one can be branded as an expert in their field mainly because of the information they are sharing into the public.

* Article marketing is also one of the cheapest method of online marketing. Other online article submission sites or online article directories such as Ezine offers free publishing of articles.

* By writing useful articles that people would read and talk about would allow a business to be marketed widely thus boosting sales and profits.

* Promote affiliate programs.

* As one of the most important strategy in SEO or Search Engine Optimization, article marketing can also help in boosting PageRank because of the links embedded on every article published pointing at the website being optimized.

* In coherence with SEO, by publishing attractive write-ups and links pointing at the optimized site can generate more traffic thus boosting more sales, profits, and allows the business to get easily recognized in its industry.

But what are the ways to create a great article that could do just that? Though it's easy to create a simple article, making it marketable would require more talent and skills particularly with PR skills (Public Relation skills) and marketing. Some techniques that professional writers use in writing marketable articles are as follows:

#1 Organize materials to be used Doing some research on important points of the article is is what every writer does. Its important that when imparting information to readers, that information must be credible enough for readers to believe. Citing some important facts from high profile people or organizations in an article can boost its credibility for readers.

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#2 State what the article is about in the first paragraph The first paragraph of the article says more than what the rest of the article has to say. Article writers use the first paragraph of the sentence to indicate what the article is about if its a "how to" or a "Step-by-step process to". By the end of the article, readers should now have a clear idea of what the writer is trying to explain to them by answering the questions asked in the first paragraph.

#3 Put it simple Article marketing is all about writing readable write-ups easily understood by many. The use of scientific terms or terms commonly used by professionals in their fields are considered as not reader friendly. The use of simple terms that could relay simple ideas are what intelligent writers do when writing articles, putting their readers' reading capacity in front of them.

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#4 Use shorter but understandable paragraphs Using too much words that ends up where it begun is what writers are trying to avoid. When trying to explain a specific thing, try doing it direct to the point. This way, readers wouldn't easily get bored reading long paragraphs and learning that what they want isn't there. Professional writers are able to squeeze-in important points within one to two sentences.

#5 Emphasize on the service and products served Remember that article writing isn't only about writing articles, but promoting and marketing a specific service or product online. One way of marketing a product or service online is by trying to sell it for its benefits not for its features. We all know that people couldn't be much happier to know that the website provides the best broker services across the country, but what readers would love to read is about how satisfied their clients were in their services or the kind of houses and condos they're able to sell. Along with examples and testimonials, these things are what really sells for readers.

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