What Happens When The Descendants Of Two Famous Authors Meet (Hemingway & Lazarus)

Hot Springs, AR (PressExposure) March 08, 2009 -- Actress/holistic author/environmental activist/authorMariel Hemingway (www.MarielHemingway.org) is a direct descendant of author Ernest Hemingway, her maternal grandfather.

In cartoonist/E-entrepreneur Rick London's direct line of maternal fire was poetess Emma Lazarus, who was a great (etc) aunt or cousin on his mother's side of the family http://www.Gomez.org).

London never explored the exact connection, and only learned of it in his young adulthood, when his grandmother, Ruth London, was contacted by author Stephen Birmingham in the mid 1970's for an interview for his book “The Grandees” which highlights his mother's family. Also in that lineage was U.S. Supreme Court Judge Benjamin Cardozo.

Ernest Hemingway, of course authored “The Old Man And The Sea” (among many others) and Lazarus penned the poem “The New Colossus”, in which the last verse appears on the base of the Statue Of Liberty “Give us your tired, poor, huddled masses” etc. (among many other poems). She was mentored by her best friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

However the chances of the two meeting and doing business together were slim. London grew up in Hattiesburg, Ms, now lives in Hot Springs, Ar. Hemingway was born in Mill Valley, Ca, grew up in Ketchum, ID and makes her home in Los Angeles.

London says, “The Internet turned that into a 6 Degrees Of Separation” story.

London is the founder and co-creator of Londons Times Cartoons, the #1 Google-ranked offbeat cartoon on the Internet since 2005, http://www.londonstimes.us. He also is the founder of Shoes That Amuse, the world's only famous love quote shoes, recently featured in the Hot Springs Sentinel Record. (www.ShoesThatAmuse.com).

Londons Times Cartoons is a cooperative effort, between London, (writer and creator of concepts) and a group of team illustrators led and managed by cartoonist Rick Diesslin.

Diesslin also has his own cartoons regarding religion and scouting and is a published cartoon author with books available at Amazon.com http://www.the-cartoonist.com.

Hemingway has been on the front-lines of American culture via her acting skills for several decades, and is not even yet fifty. London is fifty-four. Hemingway has had leading roles in a large spectrum of films from “Lipstick” to the riveting sad but true, Bob Fosse Film “Star 80” regarding Playmate Dorothy Stratton.

Ironically, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, shares the same birthday as Hemingway, grew up on the same street in Ketchum, ID, and also played Dorothy Stratton, in the made for TV film “The Dorothy Stratton Story”.

Now, Hemingway, though still involved in acting, has set her sites on “giving back” via “Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living”, teaching people to eat well, live healthily, meditate, exercise, and create a “new self”. Her web blog is a plethora of “green information” which London said is “extremely helpful and insightful”.

In late February, London was digitally-designing both shoes for his online shoe firm and cartoon products for his online licensed stores. He received a notice from Keds that his most recent design, a love quote and image of author Ernest Hemingway, had been approved.

At the end of the day, London, as usual, shifted gears and begin his online social networking campaign, this night, he chose Twitter.com. He was new to Twitter, but had been hearing all the hype and decided to try.

Oddly enough, at about the same time, Hemingway, who was readying her new holistic cookbook “Mariel's Kitchen, Healthy Living From The Inside Out, for publication in mid-April 2009, also chose Twitter, and was “learning the ropes there”. Both parties were impressed with the myriad of “Twitters” from Internet marketers to Hollywood celebrities; all walks of life. One of the first persons to welcome London to Twitter was actress Demi Moore.

About a decade ago, London and his creative staff had created a Demi Moore cartoon as part of a creative series titled “Panel Hollywood Cartoons”, a part of Londons Times.

The particular panel was a parody on the cover spread of Moore when pregnant on Vanity Fair. London, who admits both growing up in the rural south (and seeing many cows and becoming “familiar with their humor” and the later influence of Gary Larson's Far Side, helped him in his decision to “humanize cows” as, he felt they were already funny. Often he would combine popular Hollywood Celebs with cows which he often jokingly called “Bovine Divine”.

London sent a link to Moore to the cartoon of her on his website at Twitter. She wrote him back a “Thank you, and that she'd gotten a good chuckle” London says, “Demi is a great sport. I've noticed a great many actors and actresses of whom we've forwarded copies of their cartoons enjoy them, and some have even given us a positive review which appears on our website. And a few don't, asking that we remove them, which is a bit silly as it helps them too, and when one cannot laugh at self, there may be some big unresolved issues underneath. It is so important to do that. Even for me.”

A few hours after chatting with Moore, London heard from Hemingway, via a message.

She'd “heard” of his work. London says that Mariel revealed that Demi (Moore) had been the impetus to let her know of his work.

He was stunned.

“ I felt Mariel had too much on her plate from her own busy career to know that he or his work existed.”

Oddly, London has followed Hemingway's career for several decades and was always a big fan since Woody Allen's “Manhattan”. Hemingway was a very young actress at the time.

London adds, “After reading Mariel's blog, I discovered that, though she still enjoys acting, and why not, she is as good as it gets in that arena, she also is very interested in family, and health and helping. That can be a rarity, but a stabilizing force, and I was impressed. Her blog is very prolific and newsworthy, and (not surprisingly) well-written.

When they met London said, “I may have jumped the gun. I'm not superstitious but I felt it was too odd that Keds/and Zazzle had approved the Ernest Hemingway shoes, and then 6 hours later I was talking to his granddaughter. So I asked her if she might model the Ernest Hemingway shoes if Keds liked the idea, I would pitch it.

London says, “We chatted several times. She did not care for the shoes, but enjoyed the handbags and was always polite and friendly.

He adds, “However, she did enjoy my digital designs and cartoons and became more interested in digital design creations for online products and Internet marketing and we talked a bit about it. I learned a good deal about it when going back to school in my forties.

London said, “I read Mariel's beautifully-written blog and discovered yet another commonality.

She has been very active in holistic healing and healthy-eating, and I had always had an interest in that. I opened one of the early health food stores in Mississippi, in 1977. I was a marathon-runner and a bit of an outcast as a vegan in that part of the world at the time.”

Hemingway has written several highly-rated books on the topic, and this has helped London renew his interest in the topic. He started back on a healthy diet almost immediately after reading the blog, something he had often ignored, making excuses for “lack of time” etc.

The two continued talking about health and products and seemed to share a vision on that philosophy and London asked if he might design a few 100% organic cotton tees to begin a licensed product store and she agreed.

London coincidentally was the first (and only to his knowledge), cartoonist to “go green” with his T-shirt manufacturing [http://www.RickLondonOrganics.info] (launched last year).

London designed several men's and womens tees for Hemingway, which she liked, but wanted some minor changes which London is in the process or facilitating. The store Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Gifts (www.MarielHemingwayhealthygifts.com) will be launched in April after London has completed about 50 designs using her stock photos and adding a famous quote regarding nature, animals, pets, eating, etc. on each tee. London said she plans to add organic tote bags and other organic goods, and will offer both retail and bulk wholesale as London says, “I'm hoping she might agree to show the products to major retailers such as Wal-Mart etc. and see how the organic clothing line works in these outlets. I noticed Wal-mart had very much increased its natural and healthy food lines, and it only makes sense that clothing and peripheral goods will come next. I believe whichever major retailer tries them will profit greatly, and, provide a much-needed product.

London says, “Am sorry to drop names but this is one of those “name dropper” stories in that it is a “kismet one”. He adds, and I have to drop yet another to complete the entire story.

Bono (Paul Hewson) of U2 and his wife Ali, own the textile manufacturing plant that produce our organic women's tees http://www.Edunonline.com, both are very active in holistic living and health and Ali Hewson has her own designer line of organic clothing at Edun Live.

London says, “So as usual, here I find myself way out of my league, but it is great fun to know that I can make a difference in a small way, just being involved with these talented and caring people, who, prove by their actions, they are not just in it “for them”, they really give something back, and that is a great educator for me.

In addition to all this, London says he and his “better half” had already been in the early stages of a trip to Ireland next year. Hewson makes his home in Dublin, and the couple have been in touch with Edun Live about touring the factory that produces Londons's women's green tees.

London, to his knowledge, is the only cartoonist to go eco-friendly with his cartoon merchandising at his Rick London Organics Store (www.RickLondonOrganics.Info) London is waiting to hear back from Bono on that issue.

London says, “The whole story is still such an oddity to me...one of those 'truth can be stranger than fiction ones, but it was too odd not to take notice.

(Update) to story: London contacted his family museum, Gomez Mill House and director Ruth Abrahams revealed to him that (in the plans) for their upcoming 300th anniversary, they plan a huge organic garden (this was before London even contacted the museum). So the story has yet more oddities.

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