What Kind Of Wedding Ring Do You Like?

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 24, 2009 -- Looking for a wedding ring that suites your style and preferences? Well, what's more important to you, the style and look of the wedding ring or its durability and strength? Though there are wedding rings out there that could provide you with both, there are still some wedding rings which are built for style and design as well as those that are known for their durability. Wedding rings known for their luxurious designs and styles are as follows:

Platinum and white gold wedding rings

Platinum and white gold are similar in terms of features. Platinum became popular because of its styles and designs, especially with its silvery-white luster often draped with diamonds. This is the reason why many women prefer using platinum because it usually conveys a strong affinity with femininity, although there are several platinum wedding rings built for men's use. The only problem that couples have with platinum is its cost because it is expensive. Many even claim that wedding rings built from platinum are said to be the most expensive wedding rings of all. This is where white gold comes in.

White gold wedding rings are similar with platinum when it comes to the features. The only advantage that white gold has with platinum is that white gold is much cheaper. Although it'syellow gold, white gold is more affordable compared to platinum. The only drawback is that, just like with platinum, white gold tends to lose its white luster after years of wear. With platinum, this is due to platinum's rhodium plating slowly diminishing its whiteness which is easily restored by reapplying another plate of rhodium. The same thing happens with white gold, although white gold tends to lose its whiteness far quicker than that of platinum. more expensive than

Other than the styles or designs, there are also wedding rings which are built to last for a very long time, even longer than those who wear it. Some of those wedding rings are as follows:

Gold, titanium, and tungsten carbide rings

Gold is considered one of the oldest material used for wedding rings. This is because the material is known for its clear reflection of a steady and strong relationship shared by two people. Though it lacks in styles compared to platinum and white gold, gold has been known to hold its shine for years. The only problem with gold is that it causes the majority of skin irritation and allergy related to jewelry use.

Titanium and tungsten carbide rings on the other hand are newly introduced materials for wedding rings. Titanium rings and tungsten carbide rings, known for theirare now considered good choices for jewelry. The difference between the two is that titanium rings are lighter than tungsten carbide rings, which is considered an unattractive characteristic when it comes to jewelry. Another is that tungsten carbide rings are known to be tougher than titanium, holding their lustrous dark hue for years. durability

Another advantage that couples see with gold, titanium, and tungsten carbide rings is that they can be used as a man's wedding ring. Because of their bulky features, darker color (dark yellow for gold, dark gray for tungsten carbide rings, and gun-metal gray for titanium), people often take these rings for men's use.

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