What Would Barbie Do?

Denver, Colorado (PressExposure) March 13, 2009 -- March 2009 marks Barbie’s 50th Birthday, and she looks as fabulous as ever, as 25 as ever. The favorite fashion doll was released in March 1959 and has changed careers over 100 times, and changed clothes even more. She’s been an astronaut, she’s been clad in Diane Von Furstenberg—but she has never let herself look old. Through her independence and determination, she has inspired girls worldwide that they can become anything they want to be -- plus own that Malibu dream house. Her message today is to look as young as you feel.

According to CNN, there are more than 8 million collectors of Barbie dolls, clothes and accessories throughout the world who trying to recapture the fun spirit of their youth. Jeffrey R. Raval, MD, FACS, who specializes in facial plastic surgery from his practice in Denver’s tony Cherry Creek North District, is offering a way to feel young without traveling to the collector’s convention.

Dr. Raval specializes in injectables to reduce wrinkles in the face. Injectables create a soft and subtle change to your appearance that will leave you looking a great in a way that other people will notice, but won’t be able to identify exactly what’s different about you. Finding the right filler for you is an important step. Here’s the basic breakdown of the differences.

The most popular treatment for the upper portion of the face (between the eyes, around the eyes and the forehead) is Botox®. While used to soften banding of the skin on the neck, BOTOX is not applied to the lower face.

In addition to treating wrinkles near the eyes and in the forehead, Botox can reduce underarm sweating and relax bands in the neck. The treatment lasts up to four months between injections. As a non-surgical procedure, Botox injections are quick and painless and do not require anesthesia. Dr. Raval can administer the injectable in as few as 10 minutes. All you will feel is a minor pinch. Dr. Raval mixes injectables with lidocaine, an effective pain reliever. No down time is required following the treatment.

Botox is the most common cosmetic treatment performed on both men and women throughout the United States annually. Treatment begins at only $12 per unit.

Another cosmetic filler, Artefill, is the newest addition to the injectable family. It lasts 18 months or more because it is composed of small plastic-like beads with a collagen carrier. The collagen eventually dissipates but the beads hold their shape. It is used to rid facial creases, but it also has a new innovative, long-lasting solution to help patients with HIV lipathrophy.

Restylane® also softens signs of aging. It can be used in the cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds, back of the hands and between eyebrows to restore volume, improve skin elacticity and smooth imperfections. It is a non-animal product and a biodegradable gel, eliminating any possibility of allergic reaction. It is completely absorbed into the body and can last six to 12 months.

Perlane® is a member of the Restylane family and it is made of larger hyaluronic acid particles than those in Restylane, allowing Perlane to be injected into the deep dermis to superficial layer of subcutis and the large particles break down slower, so the treatment lasts longer. It can volumize any area of the face including lips, and folds.

Sculptra® restores the volume to your face after facial fat loss to correct sunken cheeks, indentations and hollow eyes. It is composed of a safe, synthetic, biocompatible material. Results can last up to two years.

Juvedermâ„¢ also smooths away facial wrinkles and folds including smile lines and nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It is made of hyaluronic acid and, like Botox, is made by Allergenâ„¢, Inc. It is the only hyaluronic acid filler FDA approved to last up to a year.

Radiesse® restores facial volume and corrects lines and folds around the nose and mouth. It is made of calcium-based microspheres and stimulates natural collagen production. Results can last a year and it is fully absorbed into the body safely.

VolumaLiftâ„¢ replaces soft tissue that has been lost due to aging. It is a volumetric, non-surgical facelift to restore the fullness of youth. It is the answer to looking tired, saggy, or hollowed. It is injected very deeply along the facial bones where there are very few pain fibers. It is commonly paired with Restylane, Perlane or Botox.

Based on your skin and desired results, Dr. Raval can help you to determine which filler or customized combination of treatments is best for you and answer any questions you may have in a consultation.

Barbie’s secret to timeless beauty is to follow your dreams and enjoy. There’s never been an unhappy Barbie doll. For the rest of us, there’s Dr. Raval and rejuvenation through injectables.

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