What Your Brochure Should Have

Telford, PA (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- Have you ever really wondered what your color brochures really should have? There are many theories on what a brochure design should be, but most of it can really be a bit complicated.

Especially for us normal people, all those design concepts can totally be alien and will take time to learn before you can get any good brochure printing done. So to help us out normal people in figuring out really what a brochure should have for it to succeed, I have created this simple list.

Using only four crucial items, I can share with you what a true brochure needs to become effective.

1. Attitude - The first item is attitude. You can translate this as "design concept" or "marketing angle" but simply, it is just the attitude that you want to adapt and project to your brochure readers. Do you want your brochure to look "cool" or do you want it to appear classic? Is your brochure corporate and business like or is it personal, homey and approachable?

Setting the appropriate attitude for your brochure readers is important since it will determine how they will react initially to it. The closer your attitude is to the attitudes of your readers, the greater your chance that they will relate to your brochure. So decide on a color brochure theme with the right attitude. It is the first ingredient to brochure success.

2. Substance - Next we have substance. Substance just refers to the quality of your brochure content. It must have information that is important to your reader. You should not print anything that the reader is not interested about. It should always be what the reader needs or what the reader wants. They must learn something from your brochure, something in which they can benefit from. With great and beneficial content, people will appreciate your brochures better, giving it its best chance for success.

3. Functionality - Beyond its content though, it must also be functional as well. It must be useful for your readers and for you as well. For example, it must be a guide to readers about your company's services.

On the other hand, it could be a form in itself having fields where people can fill up order forms or application forms. Adding this useful element in the brochure makes the brochure a better investment. It not only informs people, it will then also have the chance to help people do important actions. So if you can try to add this functional element in your custom brochures.

4. Quality - Finally, it must have quality. This quality refers to the actual material that the brochure is printed in. The paper must be thick for integrity, and it must have coatings to protect it from dirt and moisture.

In terms of inks, the brochures should have high quality inks that should not fade when exposed to moisture or other weathering effects. This all depends on your brochure printer, so make sure you pick the best one that you can afford. By printing high quality brochures, you can make sure that the initial impression of people with your brochure is great, avoiding any kind of impression of cheapness.

These are the four important features that all your brochures to have. If you include all these aspects in your brochure printing, most of your job is done. You just need to fill in some small details and you will be set. Good luck with making those brochures!

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