What is Cosmetic Surgery and How Should the Skin Be Hydrated After Cosmetic Surgery?

Balasore, India (PressExposure) January 01, 2010 -- What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Surgery done to enhance a normal physical feature in order to improve appearance is called cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is done to improve any part of the body which would otherwise be functioning properly. In this surgery, parts of the body are reshaped and one is made to look better. Few examples of this surgery include: smoothening out wrinkles, breast enhancements or reshaping one's nose. There are many types of cosmetic surgeries; most popular of them is liposuction.

In this cosmetic surgery fats are sucked out of an individual's body with the help of a vacuum device and tube. The most common laser cosmetic surgery is facial resurfacing. It is done in order to smooth out lines on face around mouth and eyes, these eliminate blemishes. The next most common surgery is face lift. In this skin around face, neck and jowl is pulled back. With age skin tends to sag and droop. Face lift giver a younger looking face. Breast enlargement is also equally popular, where size of the breast is increased by implanting saline in breast. In order to tackle the problem of baldness cosmetic surgery has come up with, hair replacement wherein hair seeds are filled in balding areas. There many other important and popular cosmetic surgeries.

How Should the Skin Be Hydrated After Cosmetic Surgery?

It is extremely important to nourish your skin after a cosmetic surgery. Skin becomes sensitive and tender after a cosmetic surgery. One should do as much as possible for skin and take care against sunlight, pollution, antibodies and harmful chemicals. In order to nourish skin it must be hydrated. Moisturizers and lotions have been always there to provide it with vital foods. But most important thing which most people leave out is water.

Drinking lot of water is the most natural and simple way to hydrate skin. It doesn't take too many efforts on your part to drink water and help your body remove toxins. One should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. This helps body clean the system and remove any old toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Clogged dirt in blood vessels has a harmful effect. Since after surgery skin is tender and needs to recover it requires elasticity which water provides. One must drink as much water as possible.

While cleansing care should be taken that you don't use harsh products otherwise permanent damage is not ruled out. Sun dehydrates the skin hence if at all you do have to go in sun, you should take all necessary precautions and carry water along. Apply the right moisturizer all the time during day and let it soak in during night time also. Dehydration also would mean low immune system.

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