What is Direct Mail and How Can You Make It Effective?

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) October 28, 2009 -- Unless you can get at least 1 to 3% response rate from your direct mail, your marketing campaign can be an effective one indeed. Direct mail marketing is cost effective as it only amounts to at least a dollar when mailing.

This amount usually includes your choice of paper stock, ink, envelopes, as well as postage fees. Direct mail is very effective as you can control the growth of your leads. You are the one who will decide how many you send out. Hence, you will know almost as surely how much would be your response rate. This way, you can give one-on-one attention to each recipient of your direct mail marketing campaign.

However, as mentioned, direct mail becomes effective only if you get at least 1-3% rate of response. If you think you are getting a zero every time you try out one with color poster printing for example, then you are not really maximizing the direct mail marketing campaign you have.

It is really frustrating how you have given everything you have and still come out with nothing. You have been pouring over your ideas for your direct mail copy and still, you produce a message that fails to connect with your target audience. You are not only wasting your time, but you are also wasting your resources when you could have used it somewhere you might get better outcomes.

So how do you make your direct mail marketing more effective? By giving your target audience with direct mail copy that interests them.

Your direct mail copy is what will make your target audience interested in what you have to say in your campaign. No matter how expensive you paid for your design, it is not the thing that would make your target audience stay and read more of what you have to say. A great copywriting in your direct mail can almost always make them keep your print ad every time.

Try to aim for a response that touches on the emotions - the more emotional, the better. Whether it asks a question or provide a solution to the problem, you should remember to pique the curiosity of your recipients that they would be encouraged to respond in your favor.

It really boils down to what you have to say to your target clients. If you can write your direct mail copy that piques their emotions then you can already be one step nearer to their pockets, where they store their hard-earned money.

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