What the heck is Numismatics? Discover the addiction that literally has thousands of people in its grip.

, (PressExposure) June 16, 2006 -- Around the world, everyday people are actually feeding their addiction by spending money to purchase money. You heard it right, people really do spend hundreds every year to buy coins. The "addiction" that people are labeled with is called Numismatics.

For those that practice collecting coins, the technical name is Numismatics. The term Numismatics was first coined (no pun intended) from the Greek word nomisma, which means "coin". Numismatics is the study of coins, tokens, medals, banknotes, and other primitive forms of money. Countries around the world annually issue billions of coins, and collecting coins has become a popular hobby to.

For over three thousand years coins have been used as a way to trade for goods and services but you would be surprised how many people around the world collect coins as a hobby or as a business. No, they are not really "addicted" by some horrible life threatening disease, but some people are really are addicted to collecting coins. Some do it for fun and others collect for investment purposes, but for those that are business savvy can actually make money collecting and selling rare and un-circulated coins.

Most numismatists start collecting coins from their country or origin because specimens are readily available. Every date, mint mark, and design variation counts as a different coin. Most collectors try to find better and better quality specimens of the coins already possess. Because the number of collectable coins found in circulation has become very limited, a collector has to trade coins to complete or upgrade their collection.

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* Gold Dollars
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* Error Coins

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