When Considering Portable Air Conditioning It Pays To Do Your Research And Buy The Best

Fuengirola, Espana (PressExposure) May 02, 2012 -- In anything we do or buy a little knowledge can be dangerous, for example we hear people talking about appliances for the home and we pick up on this and go ahead and very often buy what is recommended, but if the appliance is to play a huge part in the home surely we want to do our own research and buy the best.

If in the market for portable air conditioners there is a lot to know before purchasing one, do not just go to a do-it-yourself outlet and pick a nice looking one off the shelf, you need to know about room size and cooling capabilities, and there is a lot of preparation before purchasing one.

Portable air conditioning units are an affordable alternative to central air conditioning systems. The new age models are more energy-efficient compared to older ones, you will save money in the long run if investing in one of these models.

Buying the perfect portable air conditioner for your needs requires a little bit of work on your part, the first thing you need to do is measure how many square feet the air conditioner is going to keep cool. These units are available in different sizes, and have cooling capacities from 5,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units per hour) to as high as 30,000BTUs.

The average man in the street may not understand BTUs, thus a little bit of homework will in the long run make sure you purchase the right size unit for your home or office. Understanding BTUs is simple, most air conditioners have their capacity rated in British Thermal Units (BTU), and so you will have to work out your BTU requirement for the room size.

The room sizes for the units are calculated on the basis that 40 watts is needed to cool 1 cubic metre (4btu/h per cubic foot). You can work out what you need in terms of portable air conditioning, by simply multiplying length X width X height of the room to be cooled, this = the rooms cubic capacity.

A little bit of arithmetic on your part will ensure you get the best unit 'fit for purpose', if you are working in feet, multiply cubic feet X 4 this = Btu/h, or if working in metres multiply cubic metres X 40 this = the number of watts required, thus you can select which model in a huge range is closest in cooling capacity to your requirements.

A spokesman for Climachill located on the South coast of the UK said "if you are thinking about purchasing a portable unit don't worry we can advise you, you will need to think about how many people are using the room, are there many electrical goods such as computers in the room, is the room sunny, is it an upper storey room, as hot air travels up, of course all these factors will add more heat to a room and you may need a more powerful unit. We have a huge selection of portable units and currently we have a web sale on, you can purchase a unit for practically half price, go on line and check us out, we will help and advise you if you need it".

For further information visit: http://www.climachill.co.uk

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