Which Wedding Ring Suits You And Your Pocket?

3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 15, 2009 -- In choosing the best ring for your wedding, several factors should be considered. Among these, the most basic is probably the cost. This is because wedding rings are first and foremost jewelries. And like any other jewelries, wedding rings do not come cheap. So before you go on and start looking for your wedding ring, you and your wallet should be well prepared.

Which Wedding Ring Suits You And Your Pocket?

Before going to a jewelry shop, try your hands on some research. Look for the right kind of wedding ring on the internet that would not only suit your life long relationship but also your wallet. Though prices may be a bit more expensive online, surfing the internet will at least give you an idea of the cost that wedding rings usually come with. Listed below are the different kinds of wedding rings and the latest range of prices you'll most likely encounter in a jewelry shop or in online jewelry shops.

* Gold wedding rings - Gold rings are expensive because gold possesses a long lasting luster that stays for a whole life time. Since gold wedding rings are also a traditional choice for wedding bands, their prices never go down. Perhaps, the only thing that makes the price of gold wedding rings is the number of karats. 18k gold wedding rings may range in price from $200.00 USD to $700.00 USD.

* Platinum wedding rings - Platinum is a good choice when one wants a white colored wedding ring. Its mirror-like finish is superb and its toughness is built to last. A simple wedding ring that carries such magnificence and a hefty price tag. Just like gold, platinum is one of the earliest materials to be used for wedding rings - a fact that is clearly reflected in the price of Platinum wedding rings. In fact, platinum wedding rings cost around $200.00 to as much as $1000.00 a piece.

* Tungsten wedding ring - Though a newly introduced material, the Tungsten wedding ring has gained a lot of popularity as a man's wedding ring. Combined with carbon alloy, a tungsten wedding ring is said to be 4x harder than titanium and impossible to scratch (not unless abrasive materials such as diamonds are used to scratch it). Its lustrous black hue is perfect as a man's wedding ring (though some women have come to appreciate its pigmentation). Aside from its color, another things that's making the Tungsten wedding ring popular is its cost. Though tougher than titanium and more highly resistant to scratches than platinum, a Tungsten wedding ring could only cost around $100.00 USD to $400.00 USD.

*White gold wedding rings - A combination of yellow alloy (such as gold) and a single white element such as rhodium, palladium, and nickel, white gold wedding rings greatly resembles that of a wedding ring made from platinum, at a fraction of the cost. White gold wedding rings cost around $100.00 USD to $900.00 USD.

These are some of the usual wedding rings found in a jewelry stores. Some are more expensive than others. Some are sturdier than the rest. In the end, it's up to you to figure out which wedding rings are best for you, for your partner, and for your relationship.

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