Whining Dogs: Ways To Cope With Them

Silver Spring, MA (PressExposure) February 20, 2011 -- Dealing with weimaraner whining or whining from another dog breed can be very draining. Many owners do not know what they are presupposed to do when they have a whining dog on their hands. The main concern for any dog owner who has a whining dog is to determine if the behavior is being attributable to something serious.

Zach Peterson is a veterenarian who works with many clients who complain of a whining dog in some of the pet friendly accommodations in the area. "Whining if a big issue for many of clients and even for the individuals who are living next to them or staying in the next room," said Peterson. "If the dogs have been trained right at home, it really will not be as bad." Peterson was also one of those who were there when the web page - http://www.weimaranerproblems.com/weimaraner-whining/ was launched.

A lot of reasons can induce dog whining and your first move is to figure out what it is. Mainly, your problem her is going to be determining if there is a medical reason that causes the whining. Dogs could be whining because they are in pain. It can also be caused by some other medical reason. These plus other reasons will induce the dog to fuss.

If that is the case, then you need to take your dog to the dog vet ASAP. Some of the conditions that are causing your dog to fuss could be grave. It also can be because your dog infected with infectious parasites like ticks or even ear mites. It can even affect you since some of those parasites can bite humans. If your dog has such, then taking him to the dog vet is really the most effective way to go.

Boredom is another reason why your dog would whimper. Check if your dog is whining only whenever you avoid it by itself or when it wants to get some interest from you. Loneliness might also be a reason why your dog is whining. Yes, dogs can get lonely, specially when they are left alone a lot or when they are your only pet.

To fight boredom, you may need to be around your dog more. Play together as reqularly as you can. If you plan to leave him alone for long hours, it may be a good idea to take him to doggy day care. Some owners will most certainly opt for an additional dog. Two dogs in the house may keep each other company. If you get more than one dog, it is a good idea to have the animals neutered or fixed. This will help keep your dogs hostility under control.

Weimaraner whining can be a sign of something more grave and it is important to be sure that you address those problems as soon as possible. If you find that it is the result of boredom or by an issue with obedience, you can take your dog to a trainer.

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