Why A Lawyer Gave Up A Six Figure Salary To Join The Battle Against Obesity

Ashbourne, United Kingdom (PressExposure) May 21, 2009 -- Roz Watkins gave up a six figure income as a patent attorney to start a business which helps women feel better about themselves and achieve a healthy, normal weight without dieting or restricting themselves.

Roz says: “All this rubbish we’re told about eating a bag of chips being a criminal offence is actually making us fatter! Research shows that restricting ourselves makes us crave things more”

Having spent her childhood watching her mother battle with her weight, and then having her own experiences of weight gain and loss, Roz was sure that conventional approaches weren’t working. She says: “More and more women are constantly restricting themselves, eating low fat everything and getting fatter and fatter! There has to be a better way.”

Roz made the difficult decision to give up her role as a partner in an intellectual property law firm, and focussed her attention on learning about the power of the mind before setting up her business, The Enlighten Programme.

After doing a university level coaching qualification and training to master practitioner level in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Roz honed her skills by working with her own mother, Daphne. Daphne was a GP who had struggled with her own weight as well as watching her patients’ ongoing battles with their waistlines. She say: “My weight was a disaster area. I managed to keep it under control but only by eating the most bizarre things, and once I didn’t eat at all for 13 days!”

Roz and her Mum worked together to overcome Daphne’s weight problems and develop their unique method. Roz says: “With Mum’s medical knowledge and my training in psychological methods and hypnotherapy, we developed an approach that combined body and mind.” Both women have science degrees from Cambridge University and they weren’t content with anecdotal evidence. “We carried out a research project with volunteers who had tried everything to lose weight, and we got some great results.”

Roz says “I don’t think there are many good options for weight loss. You can do a diet but we now know they don’t work in the long run. Or you can spend thousands on therapy and maybe you still won’t lose weight.”

Roz wasn’t impressed with the findings of the intrepid journalist Hannah Jones who explored psychological approaches to weight loss in the recent programme: “Fix My fat Head”. Hannah went to see a £375 per hour “hypnotherapist to the stars” (who helped Lily Allen’s shock weight loss from a size 14 to a size 12!) and was asked: “Has anybody ever called you Dumbo?” Roz says: “It hardly encourages you to try a psychological approach if you think you’ll pay £375 an hour to be called Dumbo! I thought Hannah dealt with it really well, but I was quite angry on her behalf”.

Roz says “The therapists in Hannah’s programme were a bit po-faced and seemed quite judgmental. In contrast, we wanted our weight loss approach to be fun, accessible and not prohibitively expensive. So, we put together a home study course that people can work through in their own time. They also get first call on my time for coaching if they want more support or to do some of the clever things you can do with NLP.”

Roz says: “So far, people are loving the home study course. I keep getting these emails saying things like: “OMG! Roz, I have just left half of my lunch because I didn't want it!!” And they keep telling me it’s much better than Paul McKenna’s programme! Actually I like Paul McKenna’s work, but my course has more about unconscious beliefs, more help with cravings and more guidance on deciding what to eat. Also, you can get support from me personally, which you can’t from Paul McKenna (unless you are famous!)”

For more information about The Enlighten Programme contact Roz on 0845 257 3703 or go to http://www.enlightenprogramme.co.uk where there are free articles and quizzes to help you work out if you eat like a naturally slim person.

About The Enlighten Programme

Roz Watkins, founder of the Enlighten Programme, is a professional coach, NLP Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist. She specialises in helping people lose weight and maintain a healthy slim weight WITHOUT DIETING. She can help you lose weight and keep it off for good by changing the way you think.

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