Why Employees Need Psychological Services?

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 31, 2009 -- Stress is unavoidable at the workplace. By and large, companies, no matter big or small, mainly concentrate on offering medical insurance and medical policies, but they ignore the importance of psychological support. Employee's psychological health is very important, as it is directly related to employee's attitude, motivation on his job and confidence in his/her future and company future.

The Foxconn suicide case draws global concern about white collar's psychological conditions, besides arising people's doubt about Apple corporation culture. Although Foxconn, the largest supplier of electronics [http://www.actfind.com/] and computer components worldwide, is going to start its communicate platform, named "Psychology Appointment", they lose Sun Danyong, who only aged 25 years old.

Why so big company is so mean about providing psychological help for its employees. The value of the Apple iPhone prototype couldn't match a young life. Hope their communication platform do help improve their employee's psychology, not just in form.

Today, not just Foxconn neglects to care about employee psychological problems. Most companies in the world have such problems, especially in China. Most Chinese companies leaders focus too much attention on how to get money in their pockets. Long working hours, impossible tasks, time-critical projects, fluctuating work patterns, often-changed strategies, uncoordinated policies, job insecurities, shift working pattern, etc. are reasons to psychological unhealthiness.

So pay attention, all the companies! You should try your best to release your employees psychological stress and create a happy, worry-free, warm working environment.

Your workers are not robot. They can't work 24 hours a day. Most import, they each are different, unique individuals. Don't think that all of people have the same adaptability, learning, reasoning, capability, and the ability to handle frustrations.

Recreational activities are important. They not only offer a good chance to help your employee know each other, but also increase cooperation of your whole company. But any activity should be orderly, interesting and meaningful, or your worker would lose interest or lose hope about the company.

Be not mean to praise your employees. The praise could enhance workers self confidence and improve their opinion about the company.

Concern about your employees' family and relationship. They are the origin of working motivation. Give them honest advice and always stand by their sides once they have family and relationship problems.

Open communication channels all the time. If employees have any doubt about the company development and his own development, he should be accessible to appropriate source and solve his suspicion.

Psychological services for employees make them learn and enjoy work, overcome stress and depression. Thus, they could offer their best to the company and work with high efficiency. No problem exists when a company wants to increase the productivity, once the company have the backup of their whole employees.

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