Why ForEx & Stock Market Investors Should Start Investing in Real Estate

Saginaw, MI (PressExposure) October 26, 2009 -- With 1.6 Million properties to be foreclosed on in the U.S. this year, the economy needs more investors to buy these discounted properties, and provide a win/win solution for the next homeowner.

When the U.S. housing markets are reaching colossal uncertainty, an underground real estate investor believes he has the answer. His name is Brad Wozny, and he has created a real estate investment marketplace called 6 FIGURE Syndication, which may become world's first online real estate investor network mirroring the ability to invest in real estate like stocks.

The correlation that Wozny has drawn with his system and real estate investor network, which has members from 7 countries on 5 Continents, is similar to how one may invest in stocks online. For example, he states that:

1 - Value is instantly known. Real estate is tangible, and you can determine value quickly over the internet. Furthermore, it is less prone to violent market fluctuations like you may have in stocks. Value can change in months and years, rather than days or weeks.

2 - No worry. Unlike stock markets, you don't have to sit in front of computer all day watching tickers or worrying about a shift. You can do this in as little as 30 minutes a day, online through a network and marketplace

3 - No Emotion. Unlike stocks, Once you know value, you know the price you're either buying at, or selling at, and know precisely when you'll get paid.

Wozny points out that his system and network is designed to solve the 7 Key Challenges new investors face when attempting to make money with real estate in this economy: 1) Lack of investment capital 2) Lack of confidence in their abilities to get and do deals 3) Obtaining investment financing or real estate loans 4) Finding and analyzing real estate investment deals 5) Finding and verifying real estate investment buyers 6) Creating time in their busy schedules to handle deals 7) Lack of real estate investing know-how

"The network and system helps solve all of those challenges. In fact," says Wozny, "most investors try to do everything themselves. That's the wrong way. Unfortunately, those people don't realize that it is far easier - and more lucrative - when you approach this in a Team-oriented fashion and Partner for Profits. That is what real estate syndication is about. You become the match-maker. It's group investing. When everyone plays to their strengths, they win together."

He aims to educate and connect investors via a worldwide web of trained investment buyers, sellers, and real estate financiers who prove their capabilities and deal match-making in an open, online investment community.

Wozny said, "It makes sense for people to take the step into real estate investing now. Deals are everywhere."

"And they span from college students from Thailand, to financial planners in Canada, to retired corporate sales managers, to retired grandmothers in Maryland"

Wozny is not disillusioned that it takes longer to generate profits from holdings as they come in two forms: a) cash profits, and b) equitable profits. Yet Wozny has shown compelling evidence that raw, rookie investors who utilize his system and network, experience both cash & equitable gains, regardless of their location, in a matter of days and weeks.

Will that appeal to ForEx and stock market buffs? According to, New York Times best-selling author, Dan Kennedy, "55% of all affluent Americans invest in real estate and stocks."

Based on successful results in Wozny's 6 FIGURE Syndication Secrets system and deal-making network, he may be on to something. For more, visit [http://www.sixfiguresyndication.com] now.

About SixFigureSyndication

Just three years ago, I began my investment career and in my first 93 days as an investor, I pocketed more than 11 times my annual salary. For a handful of investors who are syndicating deals – this strategy is paying off big. I can show you how to get 50/50 partners to do deals with you, generate an unlimited number of deals that DO NOT require your personal credit or cash and how to easily connect to hundreds of investors... it's not complicated when you have my roadmap. [http://realestatefinancialnews.com]

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