Why Optimizing Title Tags, It Is Important

Chandigarh, India (PressExposure) July 26, 2008 -- While doing niche and keyword research with one of my favorite tools, Ad Word Analyzer, I did a search on the keyword "optimizing". One of the keyword phrases Ad Word Analyzer brought up under the search on optimizing was "optimizing title tags page". Not that this phrase is unique in any way, but the results were different enough that they caught my eye. Any Internet marketer will tell you search engine optimization or SEO, is a hot topic because without proper SEO, targeted traffic to your AdWord ads, website or blog is non-existent.

What caught my eye about the keyword phrase "optimizing title tags pages", were the amount of searches done last month and the results Google produced for "optimizing title tags page". One thousand four hundred and ten people searched with the keywords "optimizing title tags page" last month and Google produced a grand total of four results. Four results for "optimizing title tags pages" on the whole of Google. These results were not much help to people searching "optimizing title tags page".

Ad Word Analyzer is great tool for locating these anomalies when doing market research on a new niche, keywords or for article writing. What this search revealed to me is there must be a sufficient amount of confusion when it comes to SEO. One thousand four hundred and ten people searched "optimizing title tags page" with only four results. There also were no Google AdWords ads. Some may think they have no idea what Google AdWords are, but they really do since any person that has used Google has seen Google AdWords ads on the right side of any Google page. These ads, located on the right side of any Google page, are Google AdWords ads. Advertisements put their by Internet marketers to sell us products and services. Not one Google AdWords ad was accounted for when people searched "optimizing title tags page".

Most importantly, the people that searched "optimizing title tags page" were probably looking for help optimizing meta tags. Internet marketers know that meta tag optimization is a minimal factor now that SEO hinges on relevancy and fresh new content for optimal page rank among the search engines. This is why I believe there is a total absence of Google AdWord ads when someone searches "optimizing title tags page". Internet marketers get charged per click each time their ad is clicked by a web surfer. So it is in the best interest of the Internet marketer to do his research and optimize his Google AdWords ad for specific and targeted traffic. Wasted clicks can be financially devastating to a Google AdWords campaign.

One other lucrative point that Ad Word Analyzer revealed to me that succeeded in motivating me to research this anomalie further. One thousand four hundred and ten people searched the keyword phrase "optimizing title tags page" last month and I am sure about the same amount of people will do the same this month. Which means there is a market out there of people that need information to bring them up to speed on search engine optimization. Ad Word Analyzer is warming up for my next Google AdWords campaign targeting these people.

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