Why Sell My Home To An Investor?

Florida, MA (PressExposure) March 01, 2007 -- This is a question many homeowners ask themselves everyday. Quite often, there are many times that it would benefit a homeowner to sell your house to an investor.

1800CashOut.com will buy, in some cases, when no one else will. Houses that need repairs are typical examples. See, if someone is looking to buy a home, they want a home that's already fixed up and in good shape. Because most buyers work for a living, they don't have the time or the will to fix up a bad house. Homeowners may determine that by lowering the price by a few thousand dollars or giving a credit at closing or "offering a carpet allowance", usually aren't enough to make a buyer buy. It just seems like a big hassle. Plus a few thousand dollars credit only lowers the monthly payment by $30 or so dollars per month. And the buyer has to pay cash for the repairs.

1800CashOut.com can often buy with cash and close faster than anyone else can. 1800CashOut.com can sometimes take over your payments or assist with a short sale with the mortgage company.

It also might benefit a homeowner to sell to 1800CashOut.com if the property has a bad or leaky roof, mold, lead based paint, termites, bad foundation problems or fire damage. See most mortgage companies will not finance a house with these issues. It is too risky of a loan should the property go into foreclosure. Not only will they have a bad loan, but they will likely have a bad or ugly house too. The folks at 1800CashOut.com buy these types of houses every month.

About to lose your house to foreclosure? This is another reason to sell your house fast to 1800CashOut.com. Usually the foreclosure process is very quick once the mortgage company files for foreclosure. There is usually not enough time to sell the house to someone getting conventional or FHA financing from a traditional lender or mortgage broker. The ability to refinance is almost impossible with 3 or 4 months of delinquent payments. But the folks at 1800CashOut.com can help. We can buy your house quickly and give you enough time to move.

If you need to sell your house quickly, visit us at 1800CashOut.com or you can call us at 1-800-Cash-Out. Let us know if can help.

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